Buying A Memorial Card

Buying A Memorial Card

Suffering a bereavement is always an incredibly tough time in a person’s life, and often the best route to healing is remembering the deceased person as they were in life, and keeping their memory alive. One way this can be done is through memorial cards, whether that is a gift to the bereaved person to show that you are thinking of them and supporting them, a tribute to place on the deceased grave to remember them, or to mark the anniversary of the loved one’s passing.

Memorial cards can be bought from various high street shops, but are most readily available online, where many more personalised options are available. These personalisation options can include different formats, your own photographs, personal messages, or a choice of font or images, and are available from various companies at a range of prices depending on your budget and needs.

If you are a close friend or family member of the deceased looking for a card to commemorate your loved one, you will probably be looking for a highly personal card that reflects the person that you have lost. This may include your favourite photograph of them, or even just an image that you feel represents them as a person. For example, if they were a keen musician, your choice of card could reflect this through either a musical themed image, or a quote from their favourite song. Likewise, if they were a fan of literature, your card could include one of their favourite quotes, or a quote from one of their favourite books.

If the card is to mark the anniversary of their death, or to celebrate their birthday, you may also like to include this significant date on the card, which is yet another way in which a personalised memorial card would be useful.

If you are a friend of the bereaved looking to give a card to show your friend that you are there for them, you may have less need for personalisation, and will simply be looking for a card that shows your sympathy towards them, and that you are there for them. A card including a photo of the dead person may not be the most sensitive, as you will not know if they are ready to see photographs of the one they have lost yet, so a more general image may be best. Common images for memorial and bereavement cards are flowers, or religious imagery, a choice that may be dependent upon the extent of the bereaved’s religious beliefs. Those who are strongly religious may find comfort in  this reminder of their beliefs at such a difficult time.

Memorial cards are a wonderful way to commemorate a lost loved one, or to offer your condolences to someone suffering a bereavement, yet at such a difficult time it can be tough to choose one. However, online personalisation services can make the process much easier, and produce wonderful results that truly honour the dead, and a variety of sincere and sensitive bereavement card can be found as well to bring comfort to those in need of solace.