Décor Tweaks to Revive Your Kitchen

Décor Tweaks to Revive Your Kitchen

The kitchen is seen to be the heart of the home, and for many, a place to socialise, as well as prepare some tasty meals. As kitchens are used so frequently, you often find they become tired and dull before any other room in the home, and whilst there is the choice of investing in a brand new, cheap kitchen, there are also décor tweaks that you can make to revive your kitchen without spending too much.

Before you look at what changes you want to make décor wise to your kitchen, you need to de-clutter and have a quick spring clean. Kitchens can often become swamped with all kinds of day to day items such as post, letters, magazines and even clothes, and this can ultimately create a messy, overcrowded look which will make the kitchen feel cramped and dull. By removing any unwanted items and placing them back in their original homes, you will instantly feel a lift in the rooms atmosphere and be able to focus purely on updating your kitchen and bringing it back to life. Thoroughly cleaning your kitchen units, appliances, floor and so on will also help to make your kitchen look fresh and bright, which therefore will create a positive atmosphere and lift the energy of the room.

When it comes to the atmosphere in a room, the lighting is a key contributing factor. How you choose to light your kitchen is down to personal preference, as many like to have bright, crisp lighting, whereas others may prefer the warmer, dimmed look. There are many lighting options today that come with the choice of a dimmer, giving you control over the lighting’s brightness and what kind of mood you want to create. Spotlights are ideal for this kind of lighting, as they highlight key parts of the kitchen, whilst looking stylish and elegant too. If dimmed lighting isn’t for you, you may want to introduce a side lamp to use when the main light source is not needed, as this will help soften the atmosphere and create a cosier feel, perfect for when you have a friend over for a catch up and a glass of wine!

In order to revive a room, it can be the smaller changes that have the largest impact. In the kitchen, changing features such as the handles, pulls and door knobs will enable you to update your kitchens style and transform your kitchen units and doors without having to make drastic, expensive changes. If you feel your current handles seem worn or dated, switching them over will simply add a new look to the kitchen and also add some additional character. Similarly, changing your kitchen blinds or curtains is another quick, simple solution to updating your space and saving a little bit of money. With features such as blinds or curtains, you’ll find that they have quite a strong impact on the overall décor, as they will tie together nicely and create some extra style. Opting for lighter curtains in the summertime will help to lift the atmosphere, then when it comes to the colder months you may want to replace them with a thicker material to keep the warmth in.

Like with any room, to keep the life and energy it’s important to keep your personal touch there too. Kitchens can often become more of a show style than a homely room, and this can result in the character and life fading. Introducing items such as artwork, a chalk board, family photographs and even interesting items such as cookbooks and recipes will help to show your personal interests and likes, which will tie the room together and create a homely, inviting feel. Keeping the room in line with the rest of your homes interiors will enable your home to feel complete and welcoming.