Interior Ideas for your Greenhouse

Interior Ideas for your Greenhouse

When you get your own greenhouse, before you even begin to grow your own fruit and veg, you need to decide on your interiors. It’s important to take into consideration what you will need for practical and functional purposes. Designing the perfect space for you to grow everything you need and enjoy your experience is key, as this will all determine how successful you are with your projects.

Two essential items to include within your greenhouse interiors are storage and benches. These may sound obvious, but without these you will struggle to succeed with your growing projects and come across situations that would be easily resolved having had these items. Storage is the first main feature that your greenhouse needs. Having plenty of storage is vital as you ned somewhere to keep all of your tools, seeds and other items that need to be neatly placed away to prevent making a mess or having a cluttered space. You can find all kinds of stylish, practical storage devices that will help keep your greenhouse neat and tidy, but also looking good! Benches are another key element to include. Once you’ve decided what to plant, you need a worktop space to be able to use for when you actually pot your plants. Dependant on the size of your greenhouse, there are plenty of sizes when it comes to benches. You can opt for some greenhouse staging, creating a neat, functional space, or simple benches that provide you with a space to work freely.

Divide your greenhouse into sections. You don’t want to create a space that is cluttered and messy, as this can create a negative workspace and you may find yourself becoming tired of your projects and starting to go off the idea of growing your own produce. Having a clean, neat and tidy space will enable you to think freely, and work hard. One section of your greenhouse should be dedicated to prep, for example your work spaces whether that is a bench or your greenhouse staging, you can use this space to get messy and pot your plants. Then you need about half of your greenhouse space dedicated to your plants. This will give them plenty of space to grow properly and to the best of their potential. Try and position this part of the greenhouse where the sun is shining most of the day, as the plants will benefit from the constant sunlight. Finally, the last part of your greenhouse could be a space for you to place a chair or even a table, giving you somewhere to sit and relax whilst you watch your plants grow. If your greenhouse isn’t quite spacious enough for this, you could always look to add a smaller stool for you to rest, as constant gardening can become a little tiring at times!

If you feel like your greenhouse is a little plain, why not add some character and personality. When it comes to growing your own plants and produce, you can often end up spending a great deal of time in your greenhouse, and its important you feel comfortable and relaxed. Designing a space that will help you concentrate and relax is important. Adding fun plaques that have motivational or even quirky quotes can brighten up the space, as well as cute little details such as a flowerpot man ornament or even a few decorative flowers. These small features will simply draw the greenhouse together and add a burst of character, creating a great working environment.

This final tip is based more around your greenhouse throughout your time spent in there. If you’re a tidy person, this won’t be difficult for you, however, it’s very easy to create mess when gardening. Keeping your greenhouse neat and tidy is really important, as it will help to keep you focused and safe. Add items such as bins and recycling to your greenhouse, as you can often find yourself using lots of recyclable items such as plastic and glass.