The Drum | Revealed: The Drum Chip Shop Awards Winners 2023

From the Ad Most Likely to Help Humanity to the Ad Most Likely to get us in Deep Shit, we take a look at who won what at the awards show with no rules.

Celebrating creativity in its purest form, the Chip Shop Awards is a platform where anything and everything is allowed, a show where there are no rules and no boundaries, meaning the possibilities are endless.

“It’s the home for pure, unadulterated, disruptive fun that, more often than not, gets us ‘battered’,” is how The Drum’s editor-in-chief Gordon Young describes the awards scheme, and with categories that range from Most Woke Ad to Best Work Created by a Non-human, provocative creative and outside-the-box thinking is always guaranteed.

For 2023, Wayne Deakin, the global principal for creative at Wolff Olins, did the honors and headed up our judging panel, presiding over an impressive jury that boasted big-name creatives from all over the world, from agencies including Media.Monks, Leo Burnett, Vaynermedia and David Miami.

Below, we list this year’s winners. To view all of the winning work, visit The Chip Shop Awards website.

Best ad most likely to get us in deep shit

  • ‘To Russia With Love’ by Next DC
  • ‘Magic Eraser’ for Google Pixel by Stein IAS

Best ad based on a topical event

  • ‘All Rise’ for Pfizer by Krow
  • ‘Magic Eraser’ for Google Pixel by Stein IAS (watch winner’s interview below)

Best ad for a category we have not yet thought of

  • ‘The Gamers Sauce’ for Heinz by Miami Ad School Europe (watch winner’s interview below)

Best ad for a relative or friend

  • ‘See you Sunday Peppa’ for Colman’s by James Swan

Best ad most likely to help humanity

  • ‘It’s the guns’ for Moms Demand Action by Ledger Bennett

Best ad that was rejected by a client

  • ‘It takes balls to check balls’ for Testicular Cancer Society by We The Brands

Best ad that will get you hired

  • ‘#LendYourTagline’ for WHO or Unicef by Khurram Hussain

Best ad without a visual

  • ‘Make Meat A Dirty Word’ for Beyond Meat by FK3
‘Make Meat A Dirty Word’

Best campaign from the future

  • ‘Meat Stars – true celebrity dining’ by Benjamin Scott

Best campaign from the past

  • ‘Some emails are best deleted’ for The Green Web Foundation by Rooster Punk

Best campaign to promote the Chip Shop Awards next year

  • ‘Creativity without limits’ by Haygarth Group

Best charity

  • ‘Cancer Council Captcha’ for Cancer Council by Tom Birts and Laszlo Kiss

Best concept which seriously should run in real world

  • ‘Check your balls – it could be you’ for The National Lottery x Testicular Cancer Awareness Month by Zeal
‘Check your balls – it could be you’

Best plagiarism or adaptation of existing work

  • ‘I Still Cannot Be Silent – Penguin Books Special Edition Tolstoy Series In Aid Of Ukraine’ for Penguin Books by Mind Field Advertising (watch winner’s interview below)

Best shop window postcard

  • ‘Rock up’ for Warehouse Climbing Centre by Rigby & Cooke

Best use of bad taste

  • ‘Protest with Heinz’ for Heinz by Harry & Hibs

Best use of celebrity

  • ‘Say Aah’ for Curaprox by Jonah Campbell & Stina Anderson

Best use of honesty

  • ‘Size does matter’ for Movember by Rhys Delios Callanan

Best use of satire

  • ‘The World Leaders Expansion Pack’ for Cards Against Humanity by Tallulah

Best vandalism of an existing ad

  • ‘It Doesn’t Add Up’ for Labour Party by You Agency
‘It Doesn’t Add Up’

Best work created by a non-human

  • ‘AI can’t solve everything’ by Merkle

Most woke

  • ‘To Russia With Love’ by Next DC

Find out more about The Drum’s Global Awards program.

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