The Drum | 5 Of The Funniest Ads That Won At This Year’s Chip Shop Awards

With categories that include Ad Most Likely to get us in Deep Shit, Best Use of Bad Taste and Best Use of Satire, this is the awards scheme that never fails to amuse.

This year, as ever, The Drum Chip Shop Awards celebrated creativity with no rules – the kind of ads that push boundaries, generate buzz and get the industry talking.

And, as ever, among the winners and nominees were plenty of examples of pure, unadulterated, disruptive fun – no bad thing in these troubled times.

Brands could stand to learn a thing or two from our winners about how to employ comedy in their comms. As Wayne Deakin, the global principal creative at Wolff Olins – who headed up our judging panel this year – puts it: “If you can succeed and make people laugh, make people forgive you for whatever you’re doing, that’s quite a nice thing in the world.” (Although, he also adds: ”Like any good joke, it has to be the right place, right time and level. That’s hard to do. Sometimes brands are tone-deaf or annoying.”)

So, whether you’re looking for fresh creative talent that knows how to tickle, or you’re just out for a good laugh, here are five of the funniest ads that won at this year’s Chip Shop Awards.

1. Winner of Ad Most Likely to get us in Deep Shit, Best Ad Based on a Topical Event and Chair Award: ‘Magic Eraser’ by Stein IAS

According to ad agency Stein IAS, there’s no better use for Google Pixel’s new magic eraser feature – the tool helps users edit away unwanted objects or people from any photo. (Watch the team at Stein IAS talk about their win below.)

2. Winner of Best Use of Bad Taste: ‘It Has to be Heinz’ by Harry & Hibs

Heinz - Chip Shop

In October last year, Just Stop Oil activists threw Heinz tomato soup at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Dude’s creative duo Harry and Hibs used the stunt to prove that even when it comes to activism, it has to be Heinz.

3. Winner of Best Ad Without a Visual: ‘Make Meat a Dirty Word’ by Jonathan Crouch

Adopting the recognizable style and font of vegan brand Beyond Meat, this idea from Jonathon Crouch wants to continue the push to reduce meat in our diets. In a cheeky twist, the creative has taken words such as ’burger’ and ’duck’ and asterisked them to look like profanities.

4. Winner of Best Use Satire: ‘The World Leaders Expansion Pack’ by Keavy Simmons

Chip Shop - 07

Everyone says the wrong thing every now and then, but we don’t expect this from world leaders. Well, we do now!

5. Winner of Best Ad For a Relative or Friend: ‘See You Sunday Peppa’ by James Swan


Creative James Swan really went for family favorite Peppa Pig with this idea. He claims that every time he sees the cartoon pig all he wants to do is stick an apple in her mouth and boil her in full-fat coke. Watch out Peppa!

See all the winners of this year’s Chip Shop Awards.

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