The Drum | This Ad, Marking The Anniversary Of Roe V Wade Reversal, Funds Abortion Care When Skipped

The 72andSunny-produced campaign cashes in YouTube’s ad-skipping feature.

A new pro-choice campaign funded by reproductive care and activist organizations in partnership with creative agency 72andSunny will provide abortion care to those in need when it’s skipped on YouTube.

The effort is backed by a group of organizations including telehealth brand Wisp; the Abortion Freedom Fund, which helps to fund telehealth abortion care; reproductive health brand Stix; abortion education initiatives Plac C and Mayday; and period product brand August. The groups banded together to take action following the United States’ Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last June – a move that ended the nationwide right to an abortion.

The campaign, which debuted this week on YouTube, plays on audiences’ common decision to skip YouTube ads after the required viewing period. The minute-long spot opens on text reading: “Skip this ad and we’ll provide free family planning medication to someone in need. It’s your choice.”

The campaign, dubbed ‘Made by Choice,’ aims to reposition the term ‘pro-life,’ suggesting to viewers that being in favor of life requires supporting the right to choose. Viewers are met with a montage of images; as they change, so too does the text onscreen. An image of an infant’s hand grasping an adult’s fingers comes with the phrase: “Being pro-life is being pro-choice.” A photo of friends swimming is paired with: “Having choice saves lives.” A picture of a woman kneeling next to a bed is made compelling with: “Choice saves dignity.” Images of couples dancing and embracing are paired with the words: “Choice saves spouses.” After a number of striking pairings, the viewers see a rapidfire succession of joyful images. The text overlay reads: “Choice saves tomorrows.”

The ad closes with a powerful envoi: “Five years after exercising their bodily rights, over 95% of women said it was the right choice for them. There is no life without the unwavering right to choose. Life should be made by choice.” Viewers are directed to learn more at, a website dedicated to the initiative.

Christie Pitney, executive director at the Abortion Freedom Fund, summarized the campaign’s core idea in a statement shared with The Drum: “The Dobbs decision last June deepened the divide between people who are pro-abortion and those who are anti-abortion or ‘pro-life.’ Roe was intended to protect access to abortion throughout the country, but we know that access has not been a reality for many states and historically marginalized communities for years. We now have the opportunity to completely reimagine what abortion access looks like in this country. By calling people in and offering this creative dialogue … we can highlight that the pro-abortion movement truly is pro-life and works toward accessible reproductive health and abortion care for all.”

The urgency of the moment was underscored by other supporters of the initiative. “As we approach one year since Roe v Wade was overturned, it’s imperative to continue elevating these conversations,” said Monica Cepak, Wisp’s chief marketing officer. “This coalition with 72andSunny and fellow reproductive health leaders furthers our commitment to democratizing access to safe and affordable healthcare options.”

The team behind the creative work hope that the structure of the campaign will put pressure on audiences to look over their political differences and come together over the need for safe reproductive healthcare. “When we put up walls between ourselves and those with opposing beliefs, they exist in a vacuum of information and we let them make assumptions about reproductive healthcare and the reasons people need it,” explained Elaine Cox, executive director at 72andSunny. “This campaign is designed to force us together for just a moment, reopen the lines of communication, and share the life changing and life saving power of access to abortion care.”

The campaign rolled out Tuesday and will run for two weeks on YouTube. 72andSunny will use the platform’s metrics to provide free medical abortions via the Abortion Freedom Fund for every time the ad was skipped.

A second phase of the campaign – which will invite pro-choice audiences into the discussion – will roll out after ‘Made by Choice’ has run.

Made by Choice abortion campaign

Made by Choice abortion campaign

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