The Drum | The Drum Network Podcast: The Experiential Bounce Back

Experiential marketing has had tumultuous few years: crash with Covid-19; rapid pivot to hybrid environments; and (not so long ago at all) a returned clamor for IRL experiences. Is this year, this summer, the time when all of this comes together for experiential’s big moment?

The experiential space is roaring back to life – what can we expect from brand executions in 2023? / Aranxa Esteve

In this episode we hear from Sophie Taylor, senior account director, George P. Johnson; Svenja Frahm, creative director, Pixel Artworks; Stephen Whelan, creative director, TRO; and Arianna Lebed, senior creative director at MAS, to discuss:

  • What are the biggest trends around experiential that we’ll be riding this summer?
  • To what extent is tech now indivisible from experiential, both in the run-up to and post-event?
  • What KPIs do clients now expect from experiential campaigns, and how easy is it to integrate those measurements into an omnichannel campaign?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing experiential marketers at the moment, and how are they being overcome?
  • What are you most excited about in the world of experiential over the next few months and years?

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