Sunday 11 April 2021
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5 Effective Ways to improve Quality of Life for Elderly People

5 Effective Ways to improve Quality of Life for Elderly People

A wise man, tired of his friend sitting on the sidelines of life, told him that there is more to life than just breathing. Nobody needs to be sold on how a better living offers people more energy, helps them to endure anxiety and stress, whets their appetite and stuffs it, and always keep their brains perfectly oiled.

Aging people often face losses in terms of the quality of their lives long before they face the end of their lives. Taking care of their medical needs isn’t enough. You must also see to their emotional and mental needs to help them achieve a positive view of life. This can help alleviate various medical issues they face including stress and cognitive decline, lack of appetite and energy. Here are five effective ways to improve the quality of life for seniors.

The power of technology

No matter how you perceive technology, the fact is that technology helps aging people particularly these days when they live in the most tech advanced age of all time. Think of how alert systems, intercoms, and heart monitors can help seniors. And heck, smartphones are tech too. Each of these tools has played an integral role in improving the quality of life or saving humans from tragic accidents.

Besides, how else are you supposed to stay in touch with your grandma or any other senior when they are thousands of miles across the world? Sometimes, long-distance phone fees can be very expensive. But Skype can connect people all over the globe. All you need is an internet connection, and you can chat or call your loved ones all day long.

Help them overcome depression

Studies show that depression affects about six million people at the age of 65 or more. United Energy Workers Healthcare believes that this condition is caused by various stressful events such as losing a spouse or retirement. Medical side effects and medical disease could also cause depression.

It is, therefore, essential to identify the signs and symptoms of depression in seniors and help them get help from therapists and doctors.

Make them feel important and needed

Both young and old people want to feel important. If you are taking care of a senior, it’s recommended to help them feel like you need their help and that they are not a burden to you. For instance, you can seek their help with light tasks such as;

  • Organizing drawers
  • Opening or responding to mails
  • Folding laundry
  • Clipping coupons
  • Trimming vegetables during the preparation of dinner
  • Accompanying you to shop for groceries
  • Creating the house to-do lists

Help them stay physically active

No matter how mild, regular physical activity keeps both mind and body feeling positive and balanced. Exercise keep blood flowing into the brain and can shape mind too. It can also relieve tension, depression, and anxiety. Overall, physical activity keeps people feeling better.

Life for older people is a bit slower than that of young people. Taking some time to converse with them, encourage them to perform light tasks, and making them feel useful can improve the quality of their lives.