Monday 10 May 2021
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5 Simple Kitchen Style Updates

5 Simple Kitchen Style Updates

Kitchens are the hub of the home. Not only is it the place where cooking takes place, it is also central to gatherings of all types. Holidays with family, fun gatherings with friends and daily meal routines all happily involve the kitchen.

The experts at Lang’s Kitchens say that a few simple style updates can make your kitchen more modern and efficient. First you may want to consider switching out the sink. Sinks themselves are not extraordinarily expensive. A handyman can do this job with relative ease and it will make a big impact on your ability to cook and clean up. Farmhouse sinks have drastically risen in popularity because they are larger and deeper than older sinks. The front of the sink is exposed allowing easier cleanup of water, food and spills while working right at the sink itself. It provides a clean seamless look.


Another simple update is switching out kitchen linens. Buy new towels, pot holders, curtains, shutters, wall decor and area rugs. These items can add a new or unusual pop of color. Don’t be afraid to try a bold color because they can easily be changed out because they’re not permanent.

Replacing cabinets is one of the most expensive and time consuming kitchen redo jobs. However, several companies do cabinet resurfacing, where just the doors and hardware are replaced. The cabinet base remains in place and they can be easily painted or stained to match new doors. The impact of new cabinets will brighten an older kitchen while resurfacing versus replacement saves a significant amount of money.

Floors in kitchens can take a lot of abuse and redoing only the floor only can make the kitchen look new. Older tile floors can appear dull and unclean even after scrubbing. Consider replacing old tile with new tile or hardwood or bamboo flooring. A new floor will give new life and be cost effective over redoing the entire room.

Kitchen Style Updates

If large enough, adding a kitchen island is much less expensive than a total cabinet redo. Adding cabinets with storage and a work surface adds so much space to a kitchen. It provides more room for cooking and prepping and hidden storage beneath. Different island configurations are available depending on your needs. Shelves can be added to hold cookbooks or a wine rack can be built into a corner. A ledge can be added with chairs for a quick snack or a meal for two.