Thursday 13 May 2021
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5 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Holiday Cards

5 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Holiday Cards

Gift-giving during the holidays is all about the thought and not the price of the present. With this, one of the most popular gifts for the season is a holiday card. Especially when there is a heartfelt message, it is more special than any other expensive gift. These cards can also double as home décor, which is possible by taking note of our suggestions in this article.

If you want to know how to make a card on your own, check out Shutterfly for ideas. Not only that you can give these cards as gifts, but you can also use it for decorating your house this Christmas.

  1. Improvise a Christmas Tree

One of the best ways to decorate your home with holiday cards is to tape them on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. To make it look even more beautiful, add garlands and washi tapes. Of course, the tree will not be complete without an angel or a star on the top. You can also use a string of fairy lights to make it look more Christmas-y.

  1. Make Your Christmas Tree More Interesting

If you have an actual Christmas tree, you can use Christmas cards as a décor along with lights, balls, and other ornaments that you will hang. This makes the tree more meaningful. Aside from the card, you can also add a small photo and art prints, such as those that you will find at

  1. Build a Garland

Christmas decors won’t be complete without a garland. To make the garland unique, you can also use holiday cards. Use a string to display the cards and add greenery to cover the string. Hang the garland on the stairs or wall. You can hang more cards as you receive them. It is also a good idea to add lights to make the mood more festive.

  1. Make a Wreath

When it comes to DIY holiday card displays, another creative idea is a wreath. You can use organic grapevine with foliage and pinecones. Ribbons, bows, and recycled wrappers can also be used to create your own wreath. Regardless of the materials, you can use it to show off some cards and give your guests a warm welcome.

  1. Stuff in a Stocking

Looking for a creative way to display Christmas socks at home? One of the best things to do is to add Christmas cards. Don’t stuff it inside the stocking. Instead, make sure that a part of it peeks at the opening of the stocking. Hang the stockings by the fireplace, window, or stairs, among other places at home. On Christmas Day, the recipient of the stocking gets not only what is inside, but also the card that is peeking at the opening.

Make the most out of holiday cards. Whether they are from someone else or you are giving them to other people, consider our suggestions above for a creative way to display these cards and make your Christmas more meaningful.