Monday 10 May 2021
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5 Tips to Plan your Son’s Birthday Party

5 Tips to Plan your Son’s Birthday Party

If your boy has just turned another year old, being a parent you must dream to throw a birthday bash for the little one. You can do a lot of stuff to make the baby boy feel warm and loved on his very special day. Along with inviting the friends and neighborhood, you can do some charity in the nearby orphanage or welcome some underprivileged kids in your party and make the whole event a blessing one.

So, here we are up with some things to do stuff that you can follow while organizing your son’s birthday bash—


While arranging a birthday party the first thing that must strike you is the guest list. Take your time in making the list and check twice to make sure you are not missing out anyone. In lieu of the traditional way of sending the invitations via postal address, you can choose boy birthday invitations e-cards that are much in these days. Though, along with sending the emails, you can call the guests for a formal invitation from your end.


Theme is the next most important thing to decide, especially for a kid’s birthday party. For the boy’s birthday party themes from the world of animation films and cartons are always in. You can pick anyone from the popular Ben 10, Doraemon, Pokémon, Ninja Hattori, Sponge Bob, Dinosaurs or the Pirates. If your boy is welcoming some girls, you guys can give some room for the girls in the themes as well. Let them be the Princesses on the Pirate deck.

Party Decoration

You can get wonderful party decoration ideas from the search engines. It’s the dad’s best job to find the amazing themes and decorate DIY with the help of his friends. You can also arrange affordable party decorative from the internet. Online you can get a wide range of options that are simply amazing to plan the boy’s birthday party.


Next big thing is the catering. Apart from making or ordering the birthday cake, you need to arrange the food and drinks for the guest out there. Instead of take-out-pizza or the quick hot dogs, you can think about cooking or ordering tasty cuisine. Children love noodles and chicken. You can make some of these amazing dishes at home for the guests.

For drinks, offer the guests with mocktails with fresh fruits, cream, tasty colas and more. You can learn some cool mocktails before the party and prepare that for the little ones attending the party and also for the adult guests.

Return gifts

Make some small goody bags for the children guests out there. Let your boy offer them one by one to make them happier. Fill the small bags with toffees, candies, color pencils, erasers, glitter pens, animation stickers, temporary tattoos, and so on.

Children love birthday bashes. So, don’t let your boy feel dishearten for not having a birthday party. Take the video and photos so that even after he grows up, you can have those memories for the lifetime.