Thursday 13 May 2021
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A Common Problem of Cat Owners

A Common Problem of Cat Owners

Who doesn’t love cats?

Our feline friends are the cutest and cuddliest pets anyone can have. They are very friendly, loyal and adorable. When you get home from work, your cat would surely meet you on the welcome mat. When you’re sad, your cat can help you de-stress.

But while our cats are very lovable, they can also be annoying. Cats can be very playful. While you’re away, they can run around and play at your staff. There are a lot of cat owners who complain about damaged furniture because of their uncontrollable pets. Others can have problems with their cat’s fur. But perhaps the most annoying of all – cats littering around the house. Although cats are considered ‘clean’ pet species (meaning they know where to urinate and poop), not all cats are the same. For instance, if you weren’t able to toilet train your cat well, you’ll likely have problems with your cat peeing or littering on your bath rug, bedroom carpet or welcome mat.

A good toilet training can help prevent such problem from occurring. While your cat is still small, you should train your cat to litter on a specified litter box or space. Most cat owners have litter welcome mat near their cat’s eating or sleeping quarters. If you are not lucky enough to train your cat at a young age, you may need extra effort to help your feline friend develop the right routine. It would also be helpful to add litter box at the place where your cat urinates.

problem from occurring

Cats are considered territorial animals and make use of their poop and urine to mark their territory. Usually, cats choose a specified spot for them to release their excretions. Usually, this place is a silent, dark and isolated area in the house. They go back to this ‘rest area’ whenever they need to. However, in some cases, the cat is unable to find a suitable place to do the thing and the welcome mat (made of warm and comfortable materials) is an easy target.

in some cases

And once your cat has found the welcome mat to be a comfortable place to relieve nature’s call, they’ll be going back every time. In order to avoid this problem, you’d benefit from having a litter welcome mat. This is especially intended to train your cat not to urinate on any other mat. Buying one saves you thousands of hours cleaning soiled rugs or mats and getting rid of the unfavorable smell.

found the welcome mat

Take note that littering around the house or at different areas is not normal for any cat, especially if they are properly toilet trained. In case your cat suddenly litters or urinates on your welcome mat and it happens continuously, you’d have to think that your cat has a problem. Most of the time stress and psychological problem can cause such behavioral change. Try to relieve this stress by spending more time with your pet or giving it access to the outdoors. Normally, cats that are more active and have access to the outdoors are less stressed.

outdoors are less stressed

The next time you find your cat litter around make sure to have litter boxes, rugs or space ready for your beloved cat!