Thursday 13 May 2021
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A Few Tips to Keep Your Home Blinds Clean

A Few Tips to Keep Your Home Blinds Clean

If you want to make the interior décor of your home look better and also insulate your property, then you should install high quality window blinds in each of the windows. You do, however, have to make sure these blinds last and continue to look beautiful. This can only be achieved by keeping dust and dirt off the blinds. It doesn’t matter whether you have plastic, metal, wood or fabric blinds, you have to know the proper cleaning techniques for each of them. Below are a few essential tips to make sure you keep your blinds clean.

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Wood Blinds

If your blinds are wood, then make sure you clean them with a thin, cotton cloth at all times. The cloth should be dry, allowing you to gently get the dust off each of the individual slats. Make sure the cloth is completely dry, as wood has a tendency to warp and rot if it gets wet. There are a number of cleaning products designed specifically for wood products. If you find that you need a bit stronger cleaning power than what you can get from a dry cloth alone, then those products may be beneficial. Make sure you read the instructions so that you know how to apply it to the blinds and how to clean it off. Wood blinds are some of the most expensive of them all, so it is vital that you look after them properly.

Home Wood Blinds Clean

Plastic Blinds

Plastic blinds can take a lot of abuse. Plus, they tend to be quite cheap so you may not mind as much if something goes wrong. However, nothing needs to go wrong if you know what you are doing and your plastic blinds can look fantastic for years to come. One of the best tools to use to get plastic blinds clean is the thin brush attachment that will probably come with your hoover. You can also wipe the blinds down with a warm, soapy cloth. Make sure, however, that the soap is not abrasive, as it could pull some of the color off your blinds. Deep stains should be removed with strong detergents but, again, be very careful that it is not so strong that it leads to discoloration. Plastic blinds can usually be removed very easily, which means you could take them off and lay them flat on the floor, allowing you to easily do both the front and the back of the blinds.

Plastic Blinds Clean

Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds are also easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. However, if they are deeply stained, you will need to think of a different plan. This is why you must always keep the care instructions you received when you purchased your blinds, as this will tell you whether you can wash them in the washing machine or in the bath tub, for instance. If you have lost the care instructions, you can always call in an upholstery, carpet and blinds cleaner, who will have all the proper equipment as well.