Monday 10 May 2021
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A Guide to a Minimalistic Bedroom

A Guide to a Minimalistic Bedroom

As fashion trends fade and new ones enter, you can’t always keep up with all of them. But most easy to follow is minimalism, as this is the easiest one to copy! As the name suggests, minimalism means that you don’t need to have a lot of it and when you apply this to interior design this makes for a very bare, stripped back kind of living. It is also a cheaper alternative to other style trends as they are more flamboyant and costly to replicate. Hence, here’s a few steps on how to make your bedroom design minimalistic and still fabulous!

  1. Choosing your bed frame

Finding the appropriate bed for your bedroom is crucial as they are the main feature of the room and will set the whole tone of your room. Beds which are simply designed are what you should look for, other beds may have decorative embellishments in their frames but these won’t fit right with the mood of the room, where as sharp cornered and industrial looking frames would be superb. Shallow or platform beds are also frequently used for minimalist style, but if platform beds are a little out of your budget then you could opt for the metal bed frame. These will also be a lot easier to move around and pack up for those who like to change their bedroom designs frequently.

  1. The mattress

Now there is a downside in changing your bedroom design to minimalist as all the comfy pillows and mattresses have got to go! Although, it’s a small price to pay for a beautiful new bedroom. As a rule of thumb, a normal mattress is about 10 inches and buying one any thicker than that should be avoided in a minimalist bedroom. For pillows as well, the number of them should be kept as a minimum as they could distract from the overall impression of the room.

  1. Minimalist furniture

Furniture is a very powerful way of creating minimalism, for example, a built in sliding door wardrobe will enable you to conceal all your wardrobe clutter and disasters! As well as being a great way to use space, inbuilt wardrobes can look fantastic with mirrored doors and disguised sliding door handles. The mirrored doors would really open up the room as the reflections make it feel bigger.

When you’re looking for furniture make sure you go for basic structures, for example, a bedside table with a glass top and steel legs would look ideal. The idea is to create a bedroom that conceals without looking like it does; it needs to appear clean, basic and sleek.

  1. Colours

For your colour palette you don’t have to be restricted by the assumed monotone blacks and whites. You can be experimental with high contrasting colours, and these can then be applied to your bedding, pillows or even lampshades. Once you have your colour palette decided, do not stray away from it as it’s important to keep an unbroken theme throughout the flow of your bedroom.