Thursday 13 May 2021
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A Quick Guide to Buying Replacement Blinds for Your Home

A Quick Guide to Buying Replacement Blinds for Your Home


Thinking of replacing the blinds in your home? Here is a quick guide to help you decide, as well as teach home owners how to repair their blinds and also what too plump for when shopping for new ones.

Replace or Repair?

There are two main ways blinds can become damaged or faulty; slatted blinds can sometimes end up featuring bent or damaged slats and mechanisms, whether motorised or manually operated, can break or become faulty.

When either of these issues arises, home owners are faced with the choice of whether to replace their blinds entirely or attempt to repair the damage. So, before rushing out to buy new blinds, it is at least worth considering having your current blinds repaired, especially if they are still relatively new or fit in with your current decor. After all, a repair could cost you far less than a replacement.

Then, if you have vertical fabric style blinds and either a slat (or several) need repairing or replacing, or the mechanism is causing you problems, it may well be worth your while giving the Blinds Journal website article: Vertical Blinds – Repair or Replace?, a read. Meanwhile, for all other types of blinds and information on how to potentially fix them, you can find out all you need to know over on the Blinds website.

Matters of Child Safety

One situation in which you should think about whether you might need to replace the blinds in your home is when you have children. This might surprise some people who might have never before considered having children as a reason to need to replace window blinds. The reason it matters to asses and take a close look at your blinds when you introduce a child to your home is actually little to do with controlling the light within your home either.

Rather, many types of blinds that are legally sold here in the UK can actually prove extremely dangerous in homes where there are children. Why is this? Quite simply, it is easy for a young or small child to become injured or worse to die through asphyxiation due to being able to reach and subsequently strangling themselves with the chords and strings that feature as part of many standard blinds (included roller and slatted) which are bought and sold here in the UK.

Hence, if you are planning a family, have just begun one or regularly have children within your home, it may well be time to think about replacing your blinds with those of a more child safe variety. To learn more about whether this might be the case and how to fit safe blinds within your home and / or a child’s nursery or bedroom you can find out everything you need to know here via the British Blind & Shutter Association website.

Redecorating and Replacing Blinds

Finally, you may wish to replace your existing blinds simply because you have or are redecorating or to update and modernise a room or several within your home. In either instance, new blinds can instantly revitalise a room. They can also finish a room and be used as a design feature as well as a functional one to add colour or introduce some patterning and character into a room.

When replacing blinds due to a change of heart or change of decor, home owners have to choose between doing one of the following: firstly, home owners can opt to replace their existing slates or fabric blinds with some of a new colour or even material whilst retaining their existing mechanism or style of blind. That is, you might replace faux wood venetian blinds with real wood venetian blinds.

Secondly, home owners can take the opportunity to get entirely new blinds. If you opt to do this, it is worth beginning by taking a look at the options available to you in 2016. As with most things these days, blinds and the technologies used to create and operate them move fast. Hence, it is likely that there are at least a few more options to choose from than when you last purchased blinds. For this reason, take some time to browse the choices available, which you can do from the comfort of your own home by simply heading over to the likes of

More Information, Advice and Inspiration

For more guidance and inspiration when it comes to replacing your existing blinds, continue your research over at the Ideal Home website and specifically by giving their feature: Design ideas: decorating with blinds, a read.