Thursday 13 May 2021
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Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Painting Service!

Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Painting Service!

Any person with a few brushes and a ladder can claim to be a painter. As a consumer, you have to be smarter than that. Finding a residential painting service is not hard anymore, thanks to Google listings. Also, you have the choice of seeking references from friends and neighbors, as well. However, there are a few things that you must discuss before choosing a company for painting your home. We have enlisted a few suggestions below.

Are you licensed and insured?

Well, a company must have the required permissions and licenses to take up residential and commercial painting jobs. Insurance is equally important. In case there is any damage to the property, you can hold the company liable for the expenses and repairs. Two kinds of insurances apply in such situations. One is workers’ compensation insurance, which mainly covers medical and other costs related to employees and painters in the case of mishaps. The second type is liability insurance. In this case, the extent of the liability matters the most. Let’s say that the cost of damages is around five hundred dollars, the insurance policy will determine the amount that will be covered.

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Do you have an in-house team?

You will be surprised to know that many companies don’t even have in-house staff members. Instead, they have day laborers, who are typically hired for every new job. It is wise to check if the concerned painting service has painters, color consultants, customer service executives, managers and supervisors on the payroll. On your first meeting, ask questions related to the background of the company. Also, you can check if they deal in both commercial and residential work, which tells a lot about their expertise. Commercial painting services need to be trained in certain jobs and they must also meet a few criteria that are standard to the industry. Although this is not a direct pointer, but you can get an idea of their work exposure and experience.

Do you follow green practices?

This is another aspect that matters in the long run. As a responsible consumer, you should be concerned about the kind of paints and primers used in your home. Today, zero VOC paints are a standard norm, but other things matter too. For example, companies like Ecopainting follow certain rules related to waste disposal, management of wash water and other things like disposal of unused paints. It’s a continuous effort to do good better things for the planet, and you can do your bit with an excellent service at work.

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Finally, make sure that you check the estimate and scope of work in detail, along with the relevant terms and conditions. Having a quote will help in avoiding unexpected hidden charges. Many companies often talk about big offers, but their prices eventually remain the same, as they find one way or another to charge their customers. Also, ask the company to show a few ‘before and after’ photos, so that you know their work better. As required, you can ask them about specific projects that have earned them a good name in the industry.

Start looking for a few services now, and don’t miss asking questions about trends and decor ideas. At the end of the day, you would want the house to a have a fresh and new look, and a good team of painters and interior experts can help you with that.