Sunday 11 April 2021
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Carpet Cleaning – DIY or Professional Carpet Cleaning Company – Which Is Better

Carpet Cleaning – DIY or Professional Carpet Cleaning Company – Which Is Better

It is holiday time. It is the time when little ones spill their juices on the carpet. It is the time when their play dough sticks to the carpets. It is the time when their crayons get melted on the carpet. When the holidays end and when the kids are back at school, it is time when your carpet needs to be cleaned with lots and lots of care. It is time to make a major decision – DIY or hire a professional to clean carpets?

DIY Vs Professional Carpet Cleaning Company – A comparison

  • Back breaking and back saving – Cleaning a carpet with tough stains is not an easy job. You need to move the furniture, carry the cleaning equipment, get rid of all dirt, dust and mould, apply the cleaning solution, dry them, put the furniture back and many more. It may take more than 4 hours to complete the whole job. How does it feel? Backbreaking, isn’t it? On the other hand, if you hire a pro, you can just sit back, relax and watch them work.

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  • Type of equipment – You may rent carpet cleaning equipment to clean your carpets, but they are not as efficient the equipment used by the pros. They have truck mounted machinery and portable steamers. Their machinery can suck the dirt strongly with heavy suction ability. Stubborn stains can be removed better with the industrial equipment used by the pros.
  • Time taken – DIY carpet cleaning takes more than 4 hours to finish the cleaning job. If you don’t have a drier, you would have to dry the carpet for many days in the sun. A professional will finish the cleaning and drying job together within 2-3 hours.
  • Health risks – Mould, mildew and bacteria etc., get attracted like magnets to the carpets. If you don’t treat them with the right equipment and right cleaning solutions, your health may be affected. A professional knows how to eliminate them without affecting their health.

Types of cleaning

  • Types of cleaning – Do you know to clean the carpets using carbonated cleaning or external extraction? Do you know how to clean using Cylindrical foam shampoo machine or Rotary shampoo machine? I am sure the answer is in negative. You cannot make use of these cleaning methods when you go for DIY. The professionals can do all types of cleaning. They decide what to do to suit the stains, the colour and quality of your carpet.
  • Cost – Professional carpet cleaning is expensive than DIY. There is no doubt about that. Of course, you have to buy cleaning solutions and rent the necessary equipment when you do the cleaning yourself, but they are cheaper when compared to the price you pay for the pros.

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DIY Vs Professional Carpet Cleaning Company – What is the final verdict?

Although, DIY is cheaper, it is better to hire a professional carpet cleaner because of the several benefits you enjoy. DIY is the best for daily cleaning but you should get the services of a professional at least three times a year to give it a thorough clean.

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Author’s bio: This article has been written by Edward Mosley. You can make your homes and offices smell fresh by getting the carpets and upholsteries cleaned by professional cleaning services. You can contact Bliss Cleaning Horsham services by visiting their website.