Monday 10 May 2021
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Choosing the Right Living Room Furniture: Sofas and Armchairs

Choosing the Right Living Room Furniture: Sofas and Armchairs

Making the right decision for your living room furniture can be very difficult. There are certain measures you need to put in place in order to make your decision a little easy.

  1. Plan; have a rough idea of where each furniture will be placed and measure the space so as to buy the appropriate furniture for the available space.
  1. Furniture type; determine what kind of pieces you will like to place in the living room.

When you ask what furniture is the most important in the living room, a majority will agree that it is the sofa. The reason is obvious. Sofas are extremely comfortable for lounging about and relaxing. Another piece of furniture that looks really good is the armchair. A sofa is simply a couch that seats two or more people while armchairs can be said to be seats with sofa feature that seats just one person. Sofas come in different sizes and colors. Even though most sofas have armrests, there are some that do not have armrests. The arms of a sofa affect the size of the sofa. Narrow arms make the sofa smaller while wider arms make them bigger. A sofa with wider arms looks more luxurious in a big room.

Sofas have different styles. Throw pillows go well with some sofas especially big sofas. Armchairs can be an addition to your living room with the sofas. Now this all depends on the space available. Armchairs and sofas have a lot of similarities. Armchairs and sofas function the same way because both provide comfort. Armchairs also come in narrow and wide armrests.

When it comes to materials for both sofas and armchairs, they are both made from the same materials. Some of them are made from a combination of leather and cushion, faux linen fabric and wood. Leather sofas are considered more luxurious. To get the best from leather sofas, they need to be kept away from heat sources which could dry them up thereby causing damage.

Sofas are not just for sitting, unlike armchairs. Some sofas can be converted into beds a result of their adjustable backrests.  To get a double duty for your sofas, a sofa bed is a great option. Sofas have basic sizes which are large, medium and small. Aside sofas having the bed option, you can also get sofas that have cup holders. Yes, you read right! Typically with this kind of designs the cup holders are usually in the middle. It is designed such that the cup holders are hidden, you need to collapse the foldable middle panel to be able to use it.


Choosing a sofa should not be a very difficult task. It is easier when you make proper plans for your living room space. If your living room is spacious with a high ceiling, a high-back sofa would be good. And if you will be using a combination of sofas and armchairs, make sure the both complement each other. They do not have to be the same color.