Monday 10 May 2021
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Creating your own luxury themed kitchen

Creating your own luxury themed kitchen

Do you dream of a luxury kitchen that puts a smile on your face every time you enter? Cooking up a feast in surroundings that excite with their luxury pedigree is one of life’s delicious pleasures and something we can all aspire to.

Materials matter

The detail that defines a kitchen as being of luxury quality is the materials used in its design. Aiming high for big-ticket materials such as natural stone, marble, tile and bespoke hardwood cabinetry pushes any kitchen into the luxury bracket. Quality comes at a price, so when putting together a luxury kitchen be bold with your budget and wherever possible push the limits.

kitchen Materials matter

Appliance sense

Integrated appliances smooth the lines and add functionality to a kitchen and with so many gadgets on offer, your kitchen can look like the Starship Enterprise if you like! Most new appliances have integral connectivity to the internet that optimises their performance and enables them to be controlled remotely. Smart fridges, washing machines, ovens, dishwashers and heating systems can be managed from afar – do you fancy a fridge that signals when food has passed its sell-by date? Alternatively, maybe a washing machine that self-selects the optimum cycle for knitwear? Modern appliances take the hard work out of running a household; so make sure you benefit from such developments when planning a luxury kitchen.

Delicious modern

Want some mouth-watering tips on kitchen trends? Interior designers are focusing on minimalist principles that embrace sleek contours and smooth lines. Clutter free, gleaming granite counter-tops teamed with well-planned storage options and restrained window treatments feature in many elegant homes. Natural light is high on the list when it comes to the kitchen and dining area and many shop for shutters to get the perfect look. Interior wooden shutters come in a range of styles to suit any décor and their neat and compact lines complement a luxury scheme.

Investing in quality worktops makes sense because they are the ‘workhorse’ items, used day in, day out. Digitally cut glass in many colours is widely used as a worktop and splash-back solution. Easy to tailor to quirky dimensions and simple to clean (no grouting), this tough material is gaining fans. Industrial style stainless steel units, butler’s sinks and workstations are enduringly popular for their good looks and practical design, but more unusual products such as soapstone and polished concrete are gaining traction, too.

Tasty traditional

Lovers of traditional décor are voting for cherrywood cabinetry, hardwood floors and brass over chrome tap fittings. A walk-in pantry, traditional brass and glass lamps overhead, adjacent boot rooms and muted heritage shades, such as duck egg blue, dove grey and olive are all thrown into the mix with fabulous results. Central islands are popular in all styles of luxury kitchen, offering additional storage, dining and preparation space as well as a focal point.

You need to be a skilled décor editor to achieve a luxury themed kitchen. Throwing everything at it won’t work – select quality basics to dictate the direction, then accent and augment with materials and accessories offering just the right measure of bling. Everyone deserves a little luxury in their lives, so why not put it on the menu in your home?