Monday 10 May 2021
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Different Patterns for Different Projects: Textiles and Patterns Today

Different Patterns for Different Projects: Textiles and Patterns Today

Few industries are older or more “woven” into the history of humanity than that of textiles. Some of our oldest human artifacts that aren’t stone tools are actually textiles, and it’s one of the universals we see, with respect to human ingenuity, being invented nearly everywhere around the world. Therefore, it has a special place within the human story, and is well worth your time as either a profession or hobby. Arts and crafts, for example, commonly employ textile-based items, especially fabrics, while quilting has likewise taken off in popularity over the years. All of this again ties back into textiles’ long history and, from the most basic of prehistoric garments to the sumptuous threads of Versailles and Chanel, we love fabrics and patterns. Here is a quick look at various hobbies that use fabrics today.

Knitting Today

Knitting has once again taken off in popularity as something to do and, indeed, boast about as well. Whether you’re looking to make your own snug clothes or to fit in with the hipster chic aesthetic, you’ll want to check online outlets. Find one that specialises in your craft to find the best knitting yarn for you, as well as those that match the specific softness, texture, and colour for which you’re looking.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts can involve many different fabrics and materials during the course of the crafting process. This lack of specificity is one of the defining features and strengths of the arts category; artistic renditions of life via fabric patterns are, again, one of the oldest methods of self-expression in the world.


The Bayeux Tapestry is arguably the most famous, most important tapestry in existence. It depicts the Battle of Hastings, complete with the victory of the Normans over the Anglo-Saxons in the 1066 invasion. This event would come to shape and define the English language as well as England as a royal and political power.

When it comes to ordering materials for crafts today, you have a wide variety of options from which to choose. You definitely want to choose your materials before beginning, since adding new, unplanned materials mid-project can be catastrophic. You can use a wide array of different materials depending on the project, including faux gemstones that can be attached to the textile elements to give your piece a “studded” look. You can also search websites for great patterns online, especially for those that you would like to emulate and replicate.

Crafts for Kids

A kid making arts and crafts is one of the staples of growing up. Ordering fabrics, pre-arranged patterns, and other materials for them to use can be a way of encouraging their creativity with a fun and engaging lesson. You might also want to invest in paints that can be used safely by children to paste together different patterns of fabric.

From great woven gowns to the crafts of children, finding fun fabric patterns is a great way to pass the time while connecting with a classic human pursuit.