Monday 10 May 2021
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Do You Need Indoor or Outdoor Plantation Shutters?

Do You Need Indoor or Outdoor Plantation Shutters?

Your windows are one of the most important parts of your house. They’re big openings into your home that affect the way your home acts and the way your home looks. Windows are thermal bridges, which means they are ways for heat to enter or exit your home. This typically happens because glass conducts heat a little more easily than the thicker walls. They allow light to enter your house, which will heat up your house. During the winter, allowing in extra sunlight could help you warm up your house a little bit; that should save you money on heating costs. In the summer, however, you want to close off that light so your house won’t heat up more than is absolutely necessary. In fact, if you can apply some kind of barrier to your windows, you can keep them from transferring heat.


Advantages of Indoor Shutters

You can put shutters on the inside of your windows or on the outside. Indoor shutters have a set of advantages. The most significant advantage is that you can more easily regulate the amount of light and temperature with indoor shutters. You can open the shutters in the morning to allow in extra light. That increased amount of light will allow you to warm up your house, as well as light your house without turning on artificial light. The free heat and free light from the sun will reduce your energy costs pretty considerably.


Indoor shutters are some of the most popular plantation shutters in Melbourne. They’re also popular because they can be made from less durable materials, such as a softwood or a synthetic polymer. These materials are good at absorbing heat, preventing heat transfer, and blocking light. However, they’re not very good at withstanding the elements. That’s why they’re made for indoor shutters. Outdoor shutters are made from stronger materials such as aluminium.

Outdoor Shutters

Outdoor shutters are, as the name implies, those that install on the outside of the window. The difficulty of opening and closing them is the most significant disadvantage to the outdoor shutters. Depending on how your windows work, you might have to open up your windows and reach out to adjust your shutters. With certain windows, you even have to walk out to the front of your house to open or close them.


So why would you want them? Well, they block light just like indoor shutters, which will reduce the amount of unwanted heating of your house. They will also help reduce the amount of heat transfer. Aluminium is very good at absorbing heat and light; however, its most sought after feature is its resilience. Aluminium is an incredibly strong metal that will protect your windows from blunt force damage. If you live in a stormy area, aluminium outdoor shutters will help protect your windows from debris.


Deciding whether you need indoor or outdoor shutters is a matter of deciding which features are most important to you. If you want ease of use, you should go with indoor shutters. If you want protection for your glass windows, you want outdoor shutters.