Monday 10 May 2021
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Dry Cleaning Of Carpets or Steam Cleaning – Which One Is a Better Option

Dry Cleaning Of Carpets or Steam Cleaning – Which One Is a Better Option

Everything that you purchase or install in your home requires periodic cleaning and maintenance. Be it a furniture set, window drapes, electronic appliances or even the carpets and doormats, everything requires dusting and cleaning. This will protect them from weathering off, getting damaged due to accumulation of dust particles, and so on.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, the cleaning services usually use many procedures. Every procedure varies from one another. The most commonly opted carpet cleaning procedures are dry cleaning, or also known as chemical dry cleaning, and steam cleaning. If you are wondering which one is best for cleaning your floor mats, then here is a detail about both the procedures.

Steam Cleaning Method vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning Procedure

Not all prefer using water or chemical solvents to clean their carpets, since they believe that the usage of such strong chemicals might damage the structural factor of the thread that is used while weaving the carpet.

Well, steam cleaning is actually a procedure where heated form of water, which is steam, is sprayed onto the carpet before cleaning. When hot water is sprayed all over the carpet, it automatically activates the chemical solvents that are already mixed in the steam to do the job of killing dangerous microbes.

Usually, the alkaline chemicals are used to clean synthetic carpets, whereas acidic solvents are employed to clean the carpets that are woven using natural fibers or wool. Once the whole procedure completes, a process known as wet-vac, short for wet vacuuming will be employed to remove the liquid content from the carpet.

Dry Cleaning, on the other hand, is a procedure where the carpet will be vacuumed using hot vacuuming machines, which generate enough heat to kill the microbes and also to suck them out of the tiny fibers. As the name says, dry carpet cleaning technique will not use any cleaning materials that require water content to work, and hence there are chances of tiny spores being left behind on the fibers.

Chemical drying procedure offer faster drying and removal of the molds and other such dangerous microbes that are found residing on the carpet fibers. After this procedure, you need not worry about leaving behind your carpet on the area where there is excess access to sunlight, in order to dry out the moisture content on it, unlike steam cleaning procedure.

When moisture content takes time to completely dry off of the carpet, there are chances that the wetness might attract the development of molds, bacteria and even mildew on the fibers. However, the strong odor of the chemical solvents will be left behind, even after thorough washing, up to certain level on the carpets. Even though you may not smell this odor, it proves irritating and strong for tiny microbes, which ends up killing them.

Both the chemical carpet dry cleaning procedure and steam cleaning procedure offers same level of cleaning options. When you tally both the procedures, you will end up listing same numbers of pros and cons with one or two points here and there.

Hence, if you are residing in Croydon and are looking for carpet cleaning services, then you can rely on the expertise and experience of the professional carpet cleaners Croydon services from your neighborhood.

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