Thursday 13 May 2021
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Easy Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Face-Lift

Easy Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Face-Lift

A renovation doesn’t have to require a lot of time and effort. There are easy ways to give certain rooms in your home a face-lift without spending hours on it. To a new homeowner the idea of renovating something is intimidating to say the least. The thought of removing walls, ripping up and replacing flooring and possibly re-tiling entire shower enclosures can feel monstrous. There are simple, easy ways of giving a room a makeover without getting overwhelmed.

It’s best to pick a room that you use often or that guests will use. A bathroom is a natural selection in this case and for most people won’t be overly large. If you aren’t very handy or have limited education it’s best to start small and work your way up. If you aren’t sure where to get started you could read up on what some modern bathroom trends are and see if a style catches your eye.

A good place to start is with paint. It’s fairly easy and not so labour-intensive to paint a bathroom. The most difficult thing you might need to do is to disconnect the tank from your toilet so that you can paint in behind. Otherwise, it’s not too much a struggle to get some colour on your walls. Depending on the size of the room colour will really define your space. Figuring out which scheme works with your personality is the next step.


Another simple update to your bathroom is to change out the faucets and hardware. Especially if you are planning on going with a modern style, the faucet handles of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s will not suit your look. Modern is sleek, simple and functional. You don’t want clunky or overbearing. Replacing the faucets and handles on a bathroom sink can be a bit daunting but you don’t need excessive skill. When thinking of which hardware to use we love those offered by MaestroBath for their elegant designs. Don’t forget your shower! If you want to keep with the modern theme we suggest checking out All Modern for their range of shower heads.

Replacing your hardware coupled with painting the walls and perhaps buying new linens is a fantastic start. Even if you have lived in your home for an extended period of time there’s something to be said about a fresh look. Many people use their bathroom as a sanctuary where they go to soak up and wash off daily stresses. By having a space that reflects you and meets your needs you’ll be more likely to enjoy it.


Depending on your skill level there are many introductory-level changes you could make. If you are concerned about the undertaking you could speak with a professional contractor in your area. If you can handle the small jobs yourself not only will you save money; you will most likely be more invested in the outcome. Whether you’re flipping it or living in it, the house is yours and you should be proud of it.