Monday 10 May 2021
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Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Window Film

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Window Film

Originally created for use on vehicle windows, solar window film is now extensively used on windows in homes and commercial buildings to improve solar control, safety, and aesthetics. This cost-effective addition to your windows should not be forgotten, as it enhances your comfort while protecting your monthly energy bill. To understand the benefits of solar window film, it is important to know how it works.

Without Treatment

Window film is a self-adhesive polyester coating applied to glass surfaces. This “retrofit” application for existing glass is used to upgrade solar control, protection, and the overall appearance of glass. Glass is used as a barrier against the harsh, outdoor elements without impeding your ability to view the exterior of a building.

Without treatment, almost 90-percent of energy produced by sunlight is transmitted directly through the glass and into the building. This energy is made up of light, UV rays, and heat. Although great for indoor plants, untreated glass can increase your energy bills as both warm and cool air are easily lost through it. If you live in some of the hottest areas of Australia, this is especially damaging, as the harsh summer heat can be difficult to escape without solar window film.

With Treatment

Once solar window film is applied to existing glass, about 80-percent of solar energy is blocked and redirected or absorbed. This is ideal for homes often bathed in direct sunlight or enclosed patios with the same issue. Special dyes, metals, and nanotechnology within the film act as a solar energy barrier, allowing you to reduce the heat transferred into your home from outside. Solar film is the best and most cost-effective protection against the sun.


Window film will block up to 99-percent of UV rays, allowing you to have your window shades open throughout the day without fear of faded furniture. Since it also blocks up to 80-percent of heat produced by the sun, your furniture is twice as safe against potential fading.

You can now sit on your window sill and enjoy a long book in the light of the sun without fear of sunburns. Since almost 100-percent of UV rays are reflected without passing through treated glass, you can enjoy the brightness of the sun without having to experience its harmful effects.

Similar to the tinted lenses found in sunglasses, treated windows will bring glare down considerably. If you have a large television located near or in front of your windows, you can finally enjoy the latest football game without frustrating glare obstructing your view.

With less heat transferring into your home from outside, your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep your home refreshingly cool. This easy addition to your windows will quickly pay for itself as you notice the reduction in your monthly energy costs. In fact, windows are one of the most important areas to treat against heat transfer, as they are often the cause of higher monthly energy bills.

Finally, they add to the appearance of your home. Since they range in levels of darkness and tint, you can apply films suited to your home’s aesthetic nature. With one simple, cost-effective solution, you protect your home against the harmful sun while simultaneously increasing the curb appeal of your home.