Sunday 11 April 2021
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Enlarge your living space by refurbishing your basement

Enlarge your living space by refurbishing your basement

You can easily enlarge your living space by refurbishing your basement. You can partition your basement into several rooms or one large room, which you can use for entertaining. A basement provides extra space that allows you to create a home design that fits your needs.
Make your basement design stand out with beautiful lighting fixtures and bright colors. A bar with colored stools or a floor tile design will make your basement sparkle. Some of the most suitable paint colors for a basement include yellow, pink, green, or red.

Include a restroom
Depending on the space in your basement, you can build a half or full bathroom. Adding a bathroom to your basement will create an en suite room for your guests. The ideal location should be close to the walls of the basement so that it can be connected to the drainage system on the exterior walls.

Create a large entry to the basement by using a staircase. This will not only add visual appeal to the basement but it will also make it easier for you to add furniture to the basement. . If you have a long staircase, you can divide it into two a turn and landing section. Make sure the steps are comfortable for people of all ages. Consider installing the staircase against the sidewall of the basement. The landing of the staircase should preferably be in the largest section of the room.

You may partition your basement into several rooms. The largest room can have a width of 10 to 14 feet and a length of 12 to 18 feet. You can use it as a living or entertainment room. Smaller rooms can be converted into restrooms or sleeping areas.

Basement Finishing
Make sure the finishing is well done. Ensure the walls and floors are not exposed to underground moisture. A dual wall system will not only create a barrier against vapor but it will also provide insulation. Use waterproof matting below the carpet to protect the floor against moisture.

Consider installing an air conditioning system and dehumidifier in the basement to prevent moisture from accumulating and encourage the growth of mildew. The dehumidifier will help get rid of excess moisture in the room while the air-conditioning system will keep the basement cool and fresh.

A basement is a valuable addition to any home. The extra space helps to increase the value of the property. Many people either use their basements as stores or hardly use them at altogether. A simple basement remodeling can easily transform the look of your basement and allow you to use the extra space for entertaining or any other function.