Monday 10 May 2021
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Five Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters

Five Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters

If you value privacy and looks, choosing plantation shutters for your windows is the best move. It may seem like a significant investment, but plantation shutters are very attractive and can give your home a clean and airy look. We believe that a house looks better with plantation shutters, and if that is not enough to justify the expense, we can give you five other reasons:


A primary benefit of installing plantation shutters is that they provide an incredible amount of privacy, much more than your average drapes can. Instead of closing a curtain and hoping that your silhouettes aren’t seen, the thick texture of the plantation shutter can completely block out the outside world’s view of your home.

Fresh and Clean Look

Many have a preconceived notion that plantation shutters only work with draperies, and these same people argue that furnishing the house becomes too expensive at that point. A room with windows furnished solely with plantation shutters and no draperies actually has a relaxed, modern, solemn, and clean look to it. Curtains seem to cram the space up, and sure, they block the light from coming in, but they make the area look darker and smaller.  Combining plantation shutters can save you hundreds on improperly measured drapes, as well.

A Popular Way to Decorate Your Home

Plantation shutters in Melbourne are quite popular in local neighbourhoods due to the many benefits that they bring: comfort, cleanliness, and privacy. If you want your home to fit in with the rest, you should trust your neighbour’s word and invest in plantation shutters. While these benefits offer protection and ease-of-use, a clean look to your windows makes the curb appeal of your home that much better.

Control the Amount of Light That Enters Your Home

If you work nights and need to sleep a little bit during the day, it’s a good thing to have installed shutters. Even if the sun is shining, your room can be pitch black with nothing being able to disturb your rest. Shutters allow you to block out as much light as possible, which will help you appreciate your nap that much more. At night, they block the infamous orange streetlights and help you sleep better then too. Besides light, shutters can also block heat or cold, as they are excellent insulators.


Easy Maintenance

Plantation shutters aren’t high maintenance, and you can clean them in just a few minutes with a bit of soap and water. As they’re durable, you don’t have to worry about damaging them. High-quality shutters are made from faux wood and are water resistant. It is a lot easier to clean shutters than it is to clean blinds and drapes, as you avoid doing laundry. A primary advantage is that you do not have to take them off from the window to clean them, since they have large openings it is much easier to clean every plank individually.

Shutters are usually the most expensive way to furnish your windows. If the budget is stopping you from decorating your home the way you want, know that there are high-quality shutters available at affordable prices. Besides aesthetics, which come down to a matter of taste, shutters can help you keep your privacy, block sunlight, and keep your house cool during the summer.