Sunday 11 April 2021
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Get Rid of Foul Odors in the Kitchen

Get Rid of Foul Odors in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is not only the place where you are most likely to entertain, but it is also the place you gather everyday with your family. It needs to be a welcoming and inviting space for your family and your guests.

Most people look at the design of the kitchen when they are figuring out how to make it a more welcoming space. While design is important, it is just one aspect of creating an inviting kitchen. You also need to consider the atmosphere it creates, which includes the smell.

The kitchen is where you cook with powerful ingredients like garlic and spice, and it is where you throw out your waste. Strong odors can quickly form in the kitchen, which can be repellant to family and friends. Here are a few things you can do to keep odors out of your kitchen:

Foul Odors in the Kitchen

Clean and Repair Your Drains

Your sink is a likely culprit whenever there are foul odors coming from your kitchen. Food, oil and other kitchen debris can get caught in your drain and start rotting and spreading mold and bacteria. Using a simple over-the-counter cleaner won’t help because the problem can spread throughout your pipes. If left untended long enough, the rotting material can actually corrode your pipes.
You need to call in the professionals to check if drain repair is needed first. Then you need to get professional drain pipe cleaners to snake your system. Your pipes will be healthier, and you will get rid of those nasty odors.

Install a Professional Range Hood

The aromas from a well-cooked meal can smell like heaven. But when you make something bad or you have a burned dish, those aromas are rancid. The trouble is that the fumes and steam from what your cooking can actually linger for a long time after the meal is done. Food particles can even get stuck on your wall, your cabinets, and even your ceiling, creating a long-lasting odor.

Install a professional range hood to pull those fumes in and vent them out of your house. You’ll clear away odors right after a meal, and you’ll keep them from lingering in your home.

Install a Professional Range Hood

Keep a Small Trash Can

A smaller trash can means more trips to the outside bin, which can be a pain. But it also means that you won’t let garbage fester in your home and create a lot of foul odors. Keep the smallest trash can you can stand in your kitchen so that you have to take out the trash every day or every other day.

If you have something especially smelly to throw out — like fish bones or rotted meat — just walk it directly to your outside bin. Those are the kinds of smells that linger even after you’ve taken out the trash.

Follow these simple tips and your kitchen will smell wonderful and inviting all the time. You can keep your guests focused on whatever wonderful meal or delicious baked treats you’re making instead.