Thursday 13 May 2021
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Getting a Luxury Property Ready to Sell

Getting a Luxury Property Ready to Sell

You should never put a property on the market unless it looks perfect. This is even more important for a luxury property that is going to sell for $1 million or more. There are a number of things that you will need to do before you officially put your luxury property up for sale and start allowing potential buyers to look at it. Knowing the right steps to take to make your home look attractive will give you a much better shot of getting some offers that are close to your asking price. Here is how to properly prepare your luxury home to be sold.

  1. Tour the home and make improvements where they are necessary.

Walk through your entire home. Take a close look at every room. Look at the walls and decide if they should be repainted. Look at all of the carpets. Should they be replaced? You should also make the same determination where all of the drapes and light fixtures are concerned. Basically, you should put yourself in the position of a potential buyer. What are the things that would turn you off if yrou were touring the home for the first time? Make a list of these things and fix all of them before any people tour the home.

  1. Have a landscaping crew make your landscaping look flawless.

It is imperative that your landscaping look like a golf course before any potential buyers are allowed on your property. This means you need to have pro landscapers give your property a very thorough inspection. All of your trees and bushes need to be properly trimmed. The grass must be manicured so that it looks like a putting green. You need to really impress any person who tours your property. The quality of your landscaping’s appearance will go a long way towards accomplishing that.

  1. Hire a company that has plenty of experience marketing properties just like yours.

It is always better to have a company working for you that has sold many luxury properties in the past. This type of company can put together a luxury real estate marketing plan that will help you to attract potential buyers who have the deep pockets needed to buy your home. You should not hire a company to handle the marketing of your home until you have heard their pitch. You should meet with many companies that sell luxury properties. Have them give you their best pitch regarding why they should be hired to sell your property. It is very important that you hear their marketing plan. You need to know exactly how each company plans to go about reaching the wealthy buyers who can afford your price. Then you can decide which marketing strategy is the best.

  1. Does anything need to be done to the exterior of the home?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is why the exterior of your home is so important. This is the first impression that all potential buyers will have when they visit your home to take a tour. Therefore, make an assessment of your home’s outward appearance. Be honest in your appraisal. You might want to repaint the entire home if the outside is looking shabby. You should also repair the roof if needed.