Sunday 11 April 2021
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Great Craft Ideas to Keep Your Children Busy this Summer

Great Craft Ideas to Keep Your Children Busy this Summer

Your children are out of school and in case you they are not at camp, they may have done all the home activities that summer can suggest. And even if you support independent play, there are times when crafts assisted by adults can break a summer day. The following are some activities which work with various elementary-school-aged children.


While tie-dye can be intimidating, you can get wonderful kits at craft stores which simplify the process. These kits have rubber bands, dye bottles and gloves. To save money, consider dyeing old T-shirts, sheets and pillow cases. And if you wish to go all natural, why not make your own dyes from foods that you can get from your pantry.

Great Craft Ideas


In case you can find some print materials in your house like magazines, junk mail and newspapers, think about introducing your kid to collage. It requires hours to cut out images or letters around a particular theme. Get your child’s ideas on topics like his ideal vacation and how he sees 5th grade. Their answer must be through words and cut-out pictures.


With some YouTube videos and printer paper, it will be possible for you to put together very impressive structures. If you go on YouTube, you will find a step-by-step origami butterfly video. There are harder projects for older children while younger ones can have the basics such as the classic crane.


Making a simple bag or pillows for the bed of your kid is easier than you have thought. There is no need for you to use a sewing machine. Sewing by hand is helpful in developing your child’s fine motor skills. And you can find different themed fabrics in stores. In case your children are not ready for real fabric sewing, give them fun as they hone their skills on paper plates.

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Shell Art

You can let your child hit the beach so he can collect shells. Rather than leaving him in the beach bag until the next family sandy outing, shells can be used as foundation for a lot of craft projects. From decorated picture frames to wind chimes and shell ornaments, you can get excellent ideas for all ages at a reputable crafts blog.

Painted Rock Crafts

Children love paint and the majority of them like rocks which make these objects a great summer project. It To keep your kids busy this summer and come up with something you can display, you just need rocks and paint. Collect rocks and paints to make some little rock critters. After completing the project, display the painted rocks in some ways from placing them in their own jar to utilizing them to develop artwork you can hang on the wall.

DIY Party Poopers

Whether you just want a craft your children can enjoy making or you wish to host a summer party, party poopers are great for fireworks and cookouts. Let them practice doing those stuffs for fun. Get an empty toilet paper roll, tissue paper, cracker snaps, ribbon and cardstock as well as goodies you can place inside.