Thursday 13 May 2021
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Hard Woods Most Common To Home Builders and Furniture Builders

Hard Woods Most Common To Home Builders and Furniture Builders

Hard woods are popular among home builders and furniture builders because, as their name implies, they are durable materials that still offer an authentic, natural appeal.  These materials can last the entire lifetime of a home and, if properly maintained, may never need to be replaced.

These are four of the most popular Precut Hardwood Pallet Lumber species in use today:


Oak is among the most common types of hard wood lumber in use today.  A furtive and beautiful wood, oak is commonly used as a material in cabinetry, household furniture, housing trim, doors, patios and decks, and more.  Grainy in appearance there are two varieties differentiated by color:  red oak ranges from light brown to pinkish with a swirling pattern, and white oak has a tiger-stripe grain with yellow rays and yellow flecks.

It has distinct look—wavy in the grain—that highlights nicely. The grain, however, can overly darken, which becomes exaggerated, if stained. This can leave the wood looking two-toned (and not as attractive as its natural colors).


Maple has a creamy white color and texture.  While it might appear soft (almost like pine) it is among the hardest wood species you will find.  Because of that, maple is often the choice of material for builders in the construction of household items used most frequently.  Chances are, then, your bedroom dresser or kitchen cabinet is made from maple.

For its strength, maple is surprisingly affordable; which means it is great for home where families plan to live for a long time.  It also takes well to dark stains, which means you can manipulate its look with ease.  However, make sure you seal it properly or the stain may come out looking somewhat blotchy.


With its fine, straight grain and characteristic reddish-brown hue, cherry wood is commonly sought to make carved chairs as well as Shaker-style tables and cabinets.  As a hardwood it is still easily shaped and its beautiful natural color does not require staining.  However, it can be expensive and, if not properly preserved, can quickly darken with age.


This unique wood bears a naturally deep and rich chocolate brown color. While it can sometimes be lighter in color, this hue is undeniably that of walnut wood.  Because of this natural tone, walnut rarely requires staining. It is a popular furniture wood but can also be common to some veneered pieces.