Sunday 11 April 2021
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Heating Options for Your Garden or Patio

Heating Options for Your Garden or Patio

You don’t have to give up using your outdoor spaces when the weather turns cool. There are several ways you can heat your patio or garden so you can enjoy spending time with your friends or family outdoors. Here are some of the heating options you can choose from for keeping your outside spaces warm.

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Heating Spaces with Fire

Just like you would a fireplace indoors, you can generate heat outside by burning wood in a fire basket or chimenea on your patio or in the garden. Sitting by the fire creates a cosy atmosphere in which you can enjoy a glass of wine after dinner and have an intimate conversation with your partner. You could also roast marshmallows over an open flame, just as you would on a camping trip.

While a fire basket or chimenea will provide heat, its range is limited, so you have to be near it in order to keep warm. In addition, since these heat sources involve fire, you have to be careful where they are set, so you don’t accidentally start a house fire. However, they are inexpensive to use, as the items themselves are inexpensive, and they just require wood for fuel.

Heating Spaces with Fire

Fire baskets are made out of steel, which is usually painted black, and cost under £50. Chimeneas cost between £40 to £100. Wood kindling and wood logs, or heat logs, can be bought anywhere the fire baskets or chimeneas are sold. For just a few pounds, you can purchase a way to keep your outdoor space warm during the cool fall months.

Patio Heaters

If you need a way to keep your covered patio or a gazebo warm, you can purchase a patio heater so you can enjoy time outside during the cooler months of the year. Patio heaters use electricity, natural gas, or portable LPG to provide heat outdoors. The choice you make depends on how large an area you need to heat and where your power sources are located.

garden Patio Heaters

Electric Heaters

You can mount an electric heater to the outside wall to provide heat for your patio, or you can purchase an electric parasol that is essentially a ceiling fan with the heat source built into the blades. Of course, with electric heaters, you will either need to have outlets on the patio or use an extension cord in order to plug in the heaters.

Natural Gas Heaters

If your home uses natural gas, you can have a line run to your patio and connect a heater to the gas so you can spend time outdoors when it is cold. This is the least expensive way to heat your patio, and you can mount an outdoor gas heater to a wall or the ceiling to save floor space.

garden Natural Gas Heaters

Portable LPG Heaters

These heaters use bottled LPG, so they can be placed anywhere you need them on your patio. They are an expensive heating option, but their portability makes them an attractive option for providing heat for spending time on your patio.