Monday 10 May 2021
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Here’s All You Need To Know About Industrial Injury Compensation

Here’s All You Need To Know About Industrial Injury Compensation

If you are injured in an industrial workplace or have suffered exposure to harmful substances that have caused a condition or disease, there is a chance that you can get compensated. In case you are wondering what is industrial injury compensation, below are some of the facts that may come handy.

Knowing industrial injuries better

In simple terms, industrial injury compensation is the compensation amount that you may receive, if you have sustained injuries within an industrial space or have been diagnosed with a disease related to that industry. This is also a typical case of personal injury, where you need to file and prove your case to get compensated, and for that, you need a lawyer who has specific experience with industrial injury claims. As far as definition goes, an industrial injury is one that’s caused at the workplace or is directly/indirectly related to the role of an employee. No matter how small the situation may seem, you have to report the case to the employer immediately and seek medical attention without delay.

More facts

Employees often don’t know that all sorts of workplace and industrial accidents must be noted and recorded in a workplace accident book, maintained by all companies and industries. This is mandatory according to the law and offers crucial evidence for proving one’s case, if the concerned person chooses to make a claim. In case you are suffering from an industrial disease, your employer will report the matter to Health and Safety Executive (HSE), or other organizations. As far as the range of injuries goes, it can be anything from industrial deafness to hand injuries or even a slip fall case.

Filing a claim

Your employer is responsible for ensuring your safety at work, and therefore, industrial injuries are serious and the law is there to protect you. In some case, the injury is not always critical. For example, if you are suffering from industrial deafness or have suffered minor injuries, the case might not seem strong enough. However, it is still important to talk to a lawyer, because you can understand the facts better. If the injury leads to loss of work or extensive medical bills, your lawyer can help in turning things in your favor. There are online sites and helpline numbers, where you can call and ask more details related to the case, besides getting connected to a lawyer.

Whether you get your claimed amount depends on many factors, and it is hard to talk about the average compensation, because the matters and facts of each case is different. Nevertheless, do consider talking to a competent lawyer as early as possible, so as to gather evidence, witnesses and relevant information. In many cases, lawyers ask victims to avoid the claim matter, simply because the expenses of the case are high, which might not be justified by the expected compensation amount. To know more on industrial injuries, check online now and don’t shy away from asking questions while talking to a helpline expert or your chosen lawyer.