Monday 10 May 2021
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Hiking With Kids – The Best Way For Families To Enjoy Together

Hiking With Kids – The Best Way For Families To Enjoy Together

Travelling with your kids is a sure way to bond with them. Family travel has its own set of limitations. It is true that, the spontaneity that you would have, while travelling solo or as a couple is not there. However, this is a way to build memories and give a positive perspective about life to kids.

Every kind of family trip will make you wiser and closer. However, there is something in a randonnée en famille. Kids do demand a different approach, while going on a hike.

Once you get the knack of it, hiking will be one of the best pastimes, that you as a family will enjoy. All you need is to keep a few trackers in your mind.

Have an end destination

It is quite motivating for kids to have an end destination. Having a loop hiking trail, will break the monotony of travelling back the same route. Talk to them about the destination. Once you reach there, just relax and let them explore what’s in the surroundings. Make sure you give them a special treat once you reach there.

Snacks for the kids

Once you decide on your destination, say a lake or a waterfall or top of a hillock, surprise them with a snack box for each of the kids. Pack in graham crackers, fruit candies, fruits, cupcakes etc. pack what you think is easy to carry and liked by the kids.

Have a conversation while hiking

With our busy lives, hiking is a good option to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your kids. Let them talk and you will be surprised how much they will share things with you. Also, you can tell them a story or play a game while hiking. This is a good opportunity to get them interested in nature and outdoor activities.


Carry plenty of water in your backpack. And, wear shoes they are comfortable in. Also, those shoes should protect their little feet. Keens are a good option. Take an extra pair of socks to replace the wet ones. They should wear comfortable and practical clothes while hiking. Always keep an extra pair, in case you need it.


Nature is the quintessential companion in this. Hiking is a team effort. So, imbibing team spirit in the midst of welcoming nature, is a precious trait, that you are presenting to your children. This positive attribute will be a part of them, forever.