Thursday 13 May 2021
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How to childproof your concrete garage

How to childproof your concrete garage

Preparing your home for a child is in every parent’s interest – especially when it comes to your garage. Most people’s concrete garages are used as a storage area for large garden equipment as well as poisons and paints, sports equipment and in some cases, cars.

Therefore, there is a danger that your child could get seriously harmed when in your garage. So what sort of measures should you be considering to ensure that your garage is in fact 100% childproof?

Below is eight steps that will ensure that your concrete garage will be safe for young children:

choosing a garage door

  • Protect your children from garden equipment: We all do it, leave the lawn mower in the middle of the garage floor just because we cannot be bothered to properly store it away in the summer months. But to ensure your concrete garage is childproof, all garden tools and equipment should be stored out of reach from children to play with – and they need to be placed within the garage in such a way that they do not fall on to your children.
  • Don’t ignore your garage door: Your garage door is one area that needs childproofing, particularly if it is electronically operated. Make sure you keep your children away from any moving parts on the garage door, and re-install the garage door switch high enough so that your children cannot reach it. Alternatively, if you have a manual garage door, it’s important that you ensure that everything is working correctly in order.
  • Store away chemicals: Poisonous chemicals can come in the form of many things stored in the garage, including pest killers, paint and solvents. It is important that your chemicals are stored away in a cupboard out of a child’s reach – ensuring that they are all tightly fastened to prevent children from opening them.

Store away chemicals

  • Understand that food storage can be dangerous: Believe it or not, food storage in a garage can be extremely dangerous. If you have a freezer stored in your concrete garage, ensure that they are childproof with locks to stop children climbing into them and becoming trapped. You must also ensure that melted ice water is out of any coolers that could be located on the floor of your garage – it may sound dramatic but it only takes one inch of water for a child to drown.
  • Protect your child against any vehicles: Storing cars or any other vehicle in a garage can be extremely dangerous if you have small children. So, to avoid any injuries, ensure that you never let your child stand behind a running vehicle. It’s also vital that you don’t leave your doors open and your key in the vehicle. And, if you have a motorcycle, ensure that you secure it safely so it can’t tip on to a child.
  • Keep things locked: It may sound like an obvious point, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually lock things in their garage. To ensure that your concrete garage is fully childproof, make sure you lock any washing machines, as well as any recycling bins.
  • Store your tools securely: Like many poisons, work shop items such as bolts, nuts, vices and screws should be stored in a high and secure location within your concrete garage. This will ensure that your child does not choke or hurt themselves with your domestic tools. Also, if you use your garage as a workshop, it’s also important that you keep all of your work away from children, and also prevent it from falling on them in any way.

  • Avoid liquids from accumulating: To avoid any liquid from accumulating in your concrete garage, which could harm your child if they drink it, ensure that all your buckets are placed upside down, as well as any other container that could store harmful liquids.

Remember, any child that is old enough to walk into your concrete garage is actually old enough to face the repercussions of a non-properly fitted childproof garage. If you follow the above steps you are sure to have a childproof garage that will ensure your children are safe when entering.