Sunday 11 April 2021
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How To Choose The Correct Shutter Design For Your Interiors?

How To Choose The Correct Shutter Design For Your Interiors?

While there are numerous window treatments for contemporary homes, shutters stand out for style and functionality. Interior shutters are ideal for controlling light and air and can help in preventing heat gain and heat loss, which allows the HVAC systems to work better. Besides working like an additional layer of insulation, shutters are also perfect for homes that face the street or have too many prying neighbors.

Shutters are also versatile and can be used for most windows and doors, depending on the requirements. So, what’s the ideal design for window shutters? We have a few suggestions below for help!

The options

  1. Full Height Shutters- Probably the most popular kind of window shutters, these are designed to cover the entire window for maximum light control. This kind of design works wonders for classic and contemporary homes alike.
  2. Café style shutters – This kind of shutters are used for longer or floor-touching windows, where you need a limited amount of light control. The shutters are installed for lower part of the window.
  3. Bay Window Shutter – If you have bay windows, you will need shutters that are specially designed to cater to specific objectives. These are fitted to the window, which allows more space for the bay. Bay window shutters look perfect from the exteriors, as well.
  4. Skylight shutters – As the name suggests, these are meant for skylights and can be used specifically for differently positioned windows, as well. Check with professional companies like Shuttercraft to know about the options.

  1. Tier-on-tier shutters – These almost look same as full height shutters, but the panels are usually divided into two segments, so that you can clean the shutters as required. If you need more control in operations, tiered shutters are the best choice.

Deciding the style and design

Window shutters come in a wide variety of materials, from engineered wood to basswood and vinyl, and your choice largely depends on the budget. If you live in an area that’s prone to rain and damp weather, you need to pick a material that can resist moisture. The design and style are largely dependent on the overall theme of the interiors. You will find endless finishes, and it can be confusing. A better idea is call an experienced and known installer, who can help with the ideas, designs, textures and colors. Ideally, you need to choose something that works with the windows without disturbing the overall scheme of the décor. Talk to the installer if you have specific objectives and requirements, and they can suggest the right things accordingly. They will also help with the budget and costing concerns, if any.

Before you opt for window shutters, understand the need for cleaning and maintenance, which is typically minimal with interior shutters. Discuss the durability of the material with the installer, and as needed, you can ask questions why one type of wood is better than others. Check online now to find more about window shutter styles, and don’t miss on checking a few pictures to know the trending ideas.