Thursday 13 May 2021
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How to Properly Pack Electronic Items and Appliances for a Move

How to Properly Pack Electronic Items and Appliances for a Move

If you’re planning on moving soon, then we suggest you get started packing soon – there’s always a lot more to do than you originally anticipate, and chances are things will pop up at the last minute that, if you’re not properly prepared, will throw off your schedule and bring on a feeling of panic. Think ahead of time, and things will go a lot easier.

Having said that, there are some things you may want to think about even more: your electronics. These items often have to be packed at the last minute (TV, computer, etc.), and yet they require special care because of their delicate nature. Need some help when it comes to these wonderful items of modern living? Here’s how to properly pack electronic items and appliances for a move.

Check the manual

Hopefully you’ve kept it. It may contain some valuable information regarding the storage and transportation of the particular item. If you don’t have it anymore, do some research online – often your manual is downloadable, or similar manuals may be available.

Did you keep the boxes?

They are perfect, because that’s how they came from the factory. The boxes have the right size and the right protective items (such as Styrofoam). If you haven’t kept them, try to find a replacement that is as similar as possible to the original.

Use cushioning

You’ll want to start with newspapers or other similar materials to tape on the appliances, to avoid scratching and to provide a minimal amount of cushioning. Other items – Styrofoam, bubble wrap, blankets, pillows, old clothing, and so on – can be used as shock absorbers.

Check the storage temperatures

Some electronic items are sensitive to temperature – or sudden temperature changes – so make sure the storage and transportation of them happens in as safe a manner as possible. If you haven’t got the manual, check online to be sure and take extra precautions.

Colour-code the cables

Electronic devices can have a lot of cables – colour-code them, and place stickers on the outlets of the wiring for easy installation and assembly later on.

Create an inventory

List down everything you’re packing – label the boxes, and create a list so you’re able to find everything in a convenient way when unpacking, as recommended by Cheltenham removals experts from Advanced Removals & Storage.

Here’s one more important thing you should consider when packing your boxes when moving items – especially items that are delicate, such as electronics and appliances: seal them very well, with plenty of tape, to ensure that both moisture and dust don’t get into the items and possibly damage them. During a move, there tends to be a lot of dust and grime in the air – and electronic items are especially sensitive to this. Be wise. Get organised early and have a great adventure!

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