Thursday 13 May 2021
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How to Safely Scaffold Your Home

Sometimes, you need more than a ladder to get a job done. This is particularly true if you have to work at heights and on your own. Luckily, there are ways to do this safely, which is through a scaffolding system. This is a very stable system that will give you plenty of room to maneuver. And best of all, scaffolding is not just for huge construction sites either.

Where to Start

You probably won’t want to purchase a scaffolding system. Hence, the best thing to do is find good scaffolding rental in Washington DC. There are quite a few specialist firms out there that will be able to help you for short term rental options.

Scaffold Your Home

How High

You need to measure how high the area is that you intend to work on. Do this with a reliable system and make sure you discuss this with the rental company you are working with. You must also calculate the amount of necessary frames. One frame tends to be five foot wide by five foot tall. And you will need a platform between five and six foot below the area on which you will be working.

Assembly Time

Once you have spoken to the rental company, they will have provided you with advice on the type of scaffolding you need and they will arrange delivery. Then what? You first have to assemble the base parts. Do this by placing two end frames in the right place, connecting them with the right screws. Make sure that the frame rests properly on a solid surface like concrete or wooden pads. Once you have your base together, you can start putting the planks and handrails on.

Assembly Time

Don’t Be Cheap

Don’t use those old pieces of wood that were at the back of your shed. You need proper strengthened wood to get the job done. If you cut corners, you could put yourself in real danger of getting hurt, you must be aware of this. Also, make sure you always install the guard rails on the area of the scaffolding that faces away from the building.

Be Careful

One of the biggest dangers with scaffolding is that objects could fall off it. You are responsible for the safety of people near your scaffolding. Put boards under your platform to catch any tools and make sure you put warning signs up.

A Few More Tips

Once your tower is up, you are ready to start work. Before you do, however, consider the following:

workstation ready

  • Have a workstation ready so you don’t waste time climbing up and down.
  • Before you climb the tower, lock the casters.
  • Watch out for nearby overhead wires, as they could be live electrical wires.
  • Take breaks.
  • Hoist materials up to you using a bucket.
  • Call a professional if you find yourself incapable of completing the job.

All in all, scaffolding is a great way to get a job at a height done safely. But you must take proper care, or it actually becomes very unsafe.