Monday 10 May 2021
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Importance of Gutters While Planning Roofing Structure

Importance of Gutters While Planning Roofing Structure

While considering roof repair or replacement, homeowners focus on the slanted panels, which are visible. Another, equally vital element, overlooked in this situation is the gutters, which can lead to bigger troubles.

Basics of roof gutters

Usually, gutter is invisible portion of roofing structure, but its importance is realized only during the rainy season. It is a small structure that directs the water down the roof though the pipe and to the ground and further.

Gutter is a relatively small design, but has the capacity to protect your building foundation. Without proper gutter placement, the rain water can directly seep into the edges below the roof into the basement or foundation. More exposure to water and moisture seepage can deteriorate building foundation.

Roofing Structure

Flowing water from the roof can also damage underlying pavement. Constant exposure erodes concrete and leaves unsightly holes. Destruction gets much worse, if the eaves are placed over the soil, which causes erosion and deep ruts get created in the ground. For learning more details about gutter issues visit

Materials used to create gutters

Gutters are essential on the roof to channel water away without rooting any damages. Different kinds of materials are used to design gutters. The varieties differ in cost and durability.

  • Vinyl

Pros: A very economical material to employ. Vinyl is lightweight, rust-free, easy to handle and offers sufficient rigidity to deal with heavy rainfall.

Cons: Due to constant exposure to sunrays, it becomes brittle overtime. It has the tendency to break prematurely, if a person leans or ladder is placed against it.

  • Aluminium

Pros: This is another low-cost material and better option than vinyl. Aluminium is corrosion-free, durable and does not damage due to constant heat exposure. Metal is soft and so easy to install.

Cons: Its property to be soft is good as well as its main weakness. Accidental leaning of a ladder against it can misshape the gutter mould easily.

  • Galvanized Steel

Pros: GS offers better structural strength in comparison to aluminium or vinyl material. Oxidation and formation of rust can be prevented by applying protective paint coating.

Cons: Cost is much higher and needs regular re-painting and maintenance to make it last for years.

Roofing Structure

Types of installation

Gutter system installation can be conducted in different ways.

  • Sectional – Homeowners, who are do-it-yourself kind, find these pre-fabricated sectional type of gutters helpful. However, a little customization is necessary to install them on the roof.

Prefabricated sectionals are affordable and can be accomplished easily. The single disadvantage is that you need to connect several sections, which increases the chances of leakages, if not installed properly.

  • Seamless – Seamless gutters are designed from a single metal sheet. There is no need to connect different sections and easily avoid leakage issues due to joining seams.

For installing seamless type, the professionals bring a machine to the site for folding metal sheets to necessary size and length.

Make sure to hire a professional roofer because proper gutter installation is very essential to prevent water damages to the overall construction.