Sunday 11 April 2021
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Make Your Loved One’s Heart Sing with the Perfect Engagement Ring

Make Your Loved One’s Heart Sing with the Perfect Engagement Ring

This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life. You’ve met that special someone, the person who makes every day and waking moment of your life feel so wonderful you wish you it could never end—which is precisely what you want. You’re ready to do it… you’re ready to propose.

Loved One’s Heart Sing with the Perfect Engagement Ring

That is, you’ll be ready after you get the right ring. You want the moment when you pop open the box and show them the engagement ring to be a moment of pure elation and majesty, which means combing through the best engagement rings in Houston to find one worthy of your proposal—and indeed, your partner.

Here, then, are a few tips and tricks for finding an engagement ring that will make their heart sing!

Different Diamond Rings

Whether you believe that “diamonds are forever” or that they truly are “a girl’s best friend,” the fact of the matter remains that diamond rings are the standard against which all other engagement and wedding rings are judged. That being said, there are many different options when it comes to the diamond rings that are available for you to choose from. This, in turn, demonstrates perfectly that knowing your partner’s personality can help you pick the right ring. For example, is your partner a bit more on the traditional side, or are they an old-fashioned romantic? In either case, chances are they’ll love any number of the elegantly-sculpted classic designs available. You can choose from many different sizes and settings, ensuring that the ring you choose truly “rings true” as you slip it on their finger.

On the other hand, maybe your partner’s tastes are a bit more on the alternative side. There are many different designs available which can cater to all manner of different tastes. There are, for example, settings which come in various shapes, including hearts, which can be perfect for a truly lively and boundlessly upbeat partner. Then again, perhaps your partner is more of the understated type, and would prefer a ring which is likewise composed of less style and more substance. If that’s the case, you’ll want to look into rings which emphasise just that—the raw beauty of the diamond and band themselves.

All about Bands

Speaking of bands, they’re an incredibly important part of any ring. Sure, the diamond gets all the attention, but bands are by definition very important too. After all, if the ring doesn’t fit on their finger as you attempt to slide it on, it’s going to be a pretty awkward moment for both of you. So naturally, knowing your partner’s ring finger size ahead of time is important. Since asking about that up front might be a bit of a giveaway, ask an engagement ring professional if you are unsure as to the size you should get.

Then there’s the question of whether you should get a band that is elegantly simple, or perhaps one which is a bit more ornate. This, again, will come down to a matter of taste and how well you know your partner—would they prefer a ring with immaculately intricate sculpted parts, or something more elegant in its simplicity? And, finally, there’s the age-old question—silver or gold?

Those are a lot of questions to consider, but after all, you’re about to ask the biggest question of your life, so consult the best jewelers out there, track down the engagement ring of your dream—and theirs—and prepare for the answer of a lifetime!