Sunday 11 April 2021
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Managing Your Busy Holiday Schedule

Managing Your Busy Holiday Schedule

Between figuring out what your kids are going to do for Halloween costumes, preparing a massive Thanksgiving feast and shopping, decorating and cooking for Christmas, the holidays are a busy time—especially for single parents. Thankfully, we have some tips to help you prepare for the holidays without going insane from your busy schedule.


The best thing you can do for yourself during the holidays is prepare for everything beforehand. You don’t want to be caught trying to figure out Thanksgiving dinner right before Thanksgiving or shopping for Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. It might seem counter intuitive, but the more time you spend preparing the freer your schedule will be.

For Christmas, you should be saving up, listening for gift ideas and shopping when you can throughout the year, that way you don’t have to with the holiday shopping rush and you aren’t short on cash. For Thanksgiving, make a thorough plan for cooking dinner to make sure you have everything and all your dishes are done on time. Halloween is a bit trickier, but it’s never too early in the year to start getting a costume ready.

Lighten the Load

As a single parent, you have a lot on your plate, so it’s important you do what you can to take some of that weight off your shoulders. Don’t be afraid to ask family to help with the holidays, whether that means hosting a holiday dinner at their house instead of yours or simply bringing over a dish or two so you don’t have to take care of all the cooking.

One great way to have a successful holiday dinner without spending hundreds of dollars and slaving in the kitchen all day is to host a potluck dinner. Use a Facebook group or group text to coordinate and figure out what each person will bring so you don’t have too much of one thing.

Have Fun

At the end of the day, the holidays are supposed to be a joyful time. As much as you may get stressed out, try your best to enjoy the holiday season—good and bad. Part of this includes taking the time to reach out to the people you love, wish them happy holidays and let them know how much they mean to you.

If you want to add a little bit of flair to your holiday greetings, try Mixbook. Creating personalized photo Christmas cards with Mixbook is easy; all you have to do is take and upload a picture of your choice, then use Mixbook’s handy tool to customize and create your card.

It’s the little things that make the holidays so great, so don’t skip out on too much. However, you want to make sure you’re taking time out to spend with family, too.