Monday 10 May 2021
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Picking the Best Extractor Fans for your Bathroom

Picking the Best Extractor Fans for your Bathroom

Bathroom extractor fans are made to enhance the quality of indoor air. They reduce humidity levels to fight condensation, mould and damp issues. And with a lot of various kinds of bathroom extractor fans, it may not be easy to pick the right fan for a certain situation. The following is a guide with some essential tips to picking the perfect bathroom extractor fan.

What to Look for When Searching for a Bathroom Extractor Fan

Before you start your search, you need to know about the best kinds of fans these days and what you should look out for.  Look for fans that are:

Fans for your Bathroom

  • Quietly Running– The market is full of many fans that are really noisy. Fans that run quietly guarantee minimal noise and are perfect for WC installations and bathrooms.
  • Energy-efficient-Fans that are energy efficient helps you save on energy consumption. Aside from being a cheap option, they are good for the environment since you use less energy.


  • Easy to maintain and clean-Being able to have a hassle-free fan which can be cleaned and maintained easily will surely save you some money and time in the future.
  • Easy to install– You don’t want a fan that will cost you a professional installation fee. Just like other machines in the market, fans come with users manual that you can refer to.
  • Fans that have Intelligent Humidity Trackers– Such fans are great options since they do not require too much user intervention. While humidity goes up and down, the motor’s speed tend to change in direct correlation which means that no manual operation is required.

Fans that have Intelligent Humidity Trackers

Getting Fashion-Friendly Fans for your Bathroom

You have probably spent a big investment on your bathroom so it only makes sense to spend money on a fan that is both physically pleasing and efficient. You don’t want to spoil your bathroom with a plain ugly fan.

You need to know that you can find some kinds of bathroom extractor fans designed with consideration to the style. However, if you have already found a fan that satisfies all your requirements, before you realize whether or not will go with your brilliant bathroom, then consider compromising.

Fans for your Bathroom

Where to Install the Bathroom Fan?

Your fan choice must be based on where in your bathroom you will install it. Consider that a bathroom fan must operate on low voltage and note in terms of installing this fan that you need to follow some regulations.

The right kind of fan should be installed with the right zone to guarantee optimal efficiency and safety. Various kinds of extractor fans have various ratings, which match them to various bathroom zones. It can be complicated to deal with all technicalities so always consider asking a ventilation specialist who can help you in figuring out the right fan for your particular situation.

Install the Bathroom Fan

Operating the Fan

You can find a range of fans on the market with various operational features that will fit different applications including:

  • Fans that have on/off switch– A number of fans come with a switch through an integral pullcord or the bathroom light that you are likely to use as you go for a shower for instance.

Operating the Fan

  • Fans that have Timers-These fans are good in bathrooms that have condensation issue due to steam build ups which result from frequent bathing or showering.
  • Fans that have intelligent humidity trackers– These don’t require too much user intervention.