Thursday 13 May 2021
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Should You Go For Open Plan Or Cubicles In Your Office

Should You Go For Open Plan Or Cubicles In Your Office

It’s important to have a pleasant and productive workplace for your employees, and there’s a lot you can do to make their experiences at work better. Having a work environment where they can get work done easily and without obstacles, will help to improve performance, and is an easy way to boost productivity. Many companies now have modern, open plan offices, and while they are good for some types of business, they don’t suit everyone. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on whether to go for an open plan design, versus individual cubicles or offices for your employees.


If your workers often have to make sensitive calls or need to work with important data, then cubicles or offices can be a good choice. While cubicles aren’t completely cut off, they offer a bit more privacy than the normal open plan layout, and mean that other staff members can’t peek over your shoulder. If you are looking at commercial interiors in Perth, then it’s worth considering cubicles if you need a bit more privacy. Many staff prefer them to open plan, and they’re a good compromise between having a completely open office and having separate offices for each staff member.



Most companies like to complain that they don’t have enough office space, and therefore you’ll need to consider what is the best way to use available space. If things are very crowded, then open plan makes sense as it means you’re not putting up barriers. Sometimes this style of office is chosen out of necessity, as it means people can do things such as hot desking.


Personal space is often important to staff, and they’ll like cubicles because:

It gives them their own space to personalise
They can concentrate on difficult tasks
There’s space to store paper work
They are less disturbed by office chatter


Picking cubicles can make certain workplaces much more productive, and it doesn’t take up much more floor space than open plan, making it an excellent solution for small offices.


If you have a team who needs to collaborate regularly then open plan working can be a good idea. People who work in creative industries often enjoy the open plan feel of an office, and some workplaces even use one giant desk for the entire team. It means that you can discuss the specifics of different projects without having to hire a meeting room, and makes it easy to work together.


There are advantages to both open plan and cubicle working, and it’s up to you to decide which one will work for your office. Think about how your employees work, what they like about your current set up, and what they find frustrating. This will help you to decide which style suits you. It’s often easy to convert an office from one style to the other with minimal disruption, and it means you can enjoy a workplace that’s practical and suits your needs.