Monday 10 May 2021
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Simple but Exciting Activities to Do with Your Kids During Free Time

Simple but Exciting Activities to Do with Your Kids During Free Time

Even the simplest of activities that you do with your kids will stay in their minds. They will love doing these activities with you. You can go for local family days out especially if you have some days off from work. They will appreciate that you have taken some time just to be with them.

The trip does not have to be something grand. There is no need to travel overseas. You can just stay home or travel around the local area just to experience something fun and exciting.

Go for a picnic

Head to your backyard and have a happy picnic day. You may also pack some snacks and go to a local park where you can spread the tablecloth and just chill. You can bring your pets, so you can have fun with them. Your kids can also run around. Nothing compares to an activity where you can just sit back and relax without worrying about the time.

Visit a local fire station

Kids love fire trucks. You might have bought them toy fire trucks before. For sure, they will love seeing real-life firefighters along with their huge trucks. They will be fascinated with every aspect of the trip, but they will also be educated about what a fireman does. Who knows? This trip could inspire them to pursue this career someday.

Do some art projects

There are simple art activities that you can do with kids. You can collect different types of leaves and have them printed on paper. You can also give them some candles and carve something from them. This takes time, but it can be fulfilling for them. Kids should develop a love for the arts at a young age. This helps them build their creative minds and also be critical at the same time. They do this at school, but they could have fun doing it with you too.

Watch a local sporting event

It is exciting to cheer for your home team. Expose your kids to this environment and they will surely grow up to love it. This is also an activity that you will enjoy. The only problem is that it can get too loud. If you are going there with your baby, don’t forget the noise-cancelling headphones.

Eat out

Choose exotic dishes that your kids have not tried before. The unique new taste will make them feel even more excited. You can even try different restaurants over the next few days. You might have always wanted to do this, but since you are busy, you haven’t had the time. You no longer have an excuse this time.


This is a great way to not just make your weekend more meaningful but to also let your children learn valuable lessons. You can help pack relief goods. You can also go to rescue organisations. You might also help out in medical missions, even just to pack some medical goods. Your kids will surely value volunteering.

There are many ways to make the weekends more meaningful without having to go far from home.