Thursday 13 May 2021
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Specialist Equipment Storage

Specialist Equipment Storage

New Year’s Day is often a ‘nothing’ day. Most of the shops, pubs and restaurants are taking a well deserved break, and the house is starting to run out of all the treats and goodies that were bought in time for Christmas. If you have a family to entertain at home, you could be worried about how best to entertain them this New Year’s Day, especially if you have been living on a tight budget around the spending that comes with the territory at Christmas time. Here, we take a look at how you can plan the perfect New Year’s Day with the family without spending a fortune.

Leftovers from Christmas

Food is always important, but around the holidays even more so. We want to keep everyone together and to have big family meals that are tasty and memorable, but when you get to New Year’s Day you are often down to the bare bones of the Christmas food. There are ways in which you can utilise the last of the turkey from Christmas and the rest of the other food items. Many people will make bubble and squeak on Boxing Day out of the leftover Christmas veg, and put the remainder of the Turkey into a curry or similar easy-to-cook meal. If you have enough at this point, freeze it ready to be eaten as a family on New Year’s Day. It can provide an easy and tasty meal when you haven’t got the motivation to cook a big meal. For pudding you can be a bit more creative, and get the kids involved too, using any leftover Christmas chocolate to make puddings.

Family Walk in Nature

Either before or after all the aforementioned grub, why not plan a family walk? A New Year’s Day walk that takes in nature close to you (whether a coastal walk, a park setting, river walk, or jaunt to the country) can really help to blow away the cobwebs of the previous year and for you to start as you mean to go on with a fresh approach to the new year. It also helps to bring the whole family together for an activity away from the home.

Movie Night, Board Games and Fun

New Year’s Day is often the last day of the holiday season where everyone is together before work restarts, friends reappear and the normality of life begins again. It is the perfect time for family time. Bring out some old family favourites in the form of old films, watch some new ones that you’ve had gifted this Christmas. The same can be said for board games, bringing out the competitive side of kids, adults and grannies alike. There will be plenty of classic board games for the entire family to enjoy, as well as some fun new ones we’re sure.

New Year’s Day can be relaxing, entertaining, tasty and filled with family fun. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and it can be achieved when living on a tight budget.