Monday 10 May 2021
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Taking Your Family for Camping? Don’t Miss These Basics!

Taking Your Family for Camping? Don’t Miss These Basics!

Ready for a weekend getaway with the kids in the jungle? Well, the first obvious step is planning. Camping is a fun family activity, but there are few things to consider. Safety is an aspect you cannot ignore, and you need to be sure that you have everything that might be required while being away from the city. In this post, we have the important things you must pack in your car!

Important campsite gear

For camping, you obviously need tent and poles. Tent footprint is also necessary, especially because you have kids along. Get canopies and sleeping bags, just in case you feel like enjoying the weather under the open sky. If you have young kids, getting extra blankets is usually recommended.

Get the lighting essentials

When you are with your family away in a distant countryside or around hilly terrains, you cannot afford to just use candles. There are camping lights designed for the purpose, which can produce enough light and are durable enough. Also, check for an expanded range of headlamps and torches online, depending on the kind of destination you are heading to. Kids should ideally have a flashlight of their own.

Pack medications and first aid kit

Camp sites might be safe, but despite the best efforts, accidents do happen. You may not have paramedic or medical help immediately, so make sure that all the basic medicines are packed. Think of ailments like fever, upset stomach, vomiting and body pain, and talk to your doctor to get the right names. Also, you need a first aid kit, with all the essentials in place.

Personal items for the family

Since you are away from the city, you will need things like sunscreen, sunglasses, and insect repellents. Also, make sure that you are stocked up on toiletries, soap, and sanitizers. Weather predictions can be hard at times, so the kids should have at least one weatherproof jacket. Also, get the best pair of trekking shoes for the entire family. GPS is reliable in general but having a compass and map can be useful. Kitchen supplies are important, and while it’s fun to cook your own food, make sure to have enough dry food packets along. Bread spreads and peanut butter can be useful for the mornings.

Stock up water in plenty and include at least a few reusable plastic bottles. Make your checklist? Start shopping right now!