Thursday 13 May 2021
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The Hazards of ‘Do It Yourself’ Pest Control

The Hazards of ‘Do It Yourself’ Pest Control

Pests can cause significant damage to your property, create an unpleasant environment for you and your family and even contaminate your only home. Understandably, most homeowners find do-it-yourself the quickest and most cost-effective way out and try it oblivious of how big a threat it is to them and their families. Find out why everyone is choosing professional pest control in Utah over DIY treatments.

It is not safe for you

Most pest control treatments are concoctions of chemicals that are a threat to human health. Careless use of such chemicals can cause burning or itching, illness and even death to family members and pets. Professional exterminators possess the required training and experience to handle harmful chemicals without exposing themselves, your family and pets to potential health risks.

It may not be effective

Most of the pest infestations call for specific baiting and elimination measures. One of the prerequisites of a successful pest control exercise is the proper identification of the pests, their hiding places, and their population. Professional exterminators have in-depth knowledge of the right chemicals for specific situations and the safe dosages to apply them in. They can use baits that lead into traps, poisoned baits, chemicals or even organic pest control techniques depending on the pest in question, the extent of the infestation and your preference.

Not all DIY pest control chemicals work

The efficacy of a pest control treatment should always be the top priority when trying to get rid of bugs. The companies producing over-the-counter DIY chemicals know what you want to hear and go on to promise just that in their blurbs.

It is plausibly hard for anyone with limited knowledge of pests and pest control to be able to identify the ingredients that should be present in a legitimately potent product. Avoid playing into the hands of these profit-oriented manufacturers by hiring professional pest control service providers to help eliminate the pest menace in your home.


Pests hide in places that are hard to access without the use of special equipment. These tools might be available over the counter as well, but it would be hard to identify the right one or even know how to properly use it. A good exterminator will first visit your home to assess the infestation problem and the circumstances surrounding it. This will help them identify the right chemicals, equipment, gear and strategy to use when it’s finally time for the task.

What to expect from a pest control expert

When you hire the services of a pest control service provider, a technician will be sent to your home to assess the situation and discuss possible solutions. You will be issued with a written report breaking down the results of the assessment, recommendations, proposals and the preferred course of action.

The technician will review the report with you and perform your initial service which may include exclusion techniques, sweeping of cobwebs, and interior baiting of cockroaches and ants. A second visit may be scheduled if necessary. Most pest control service providers pledge to return and check the problem if you see pests between service visits.