Thursday 13 May 2021
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Things to consider when buying a geyser

Things to consider when buying a geyser

Winter is round the corner and it is but natural for many to be thronging electronic appliances markets to make a beeline for buying appliances like geysers to make the wintery days a little more livable. However, a common problem ailing the consumers is that with the plethora of options available in the market they get confused regarding which model to go for. Being well aware of this dilemma faced by many, we decided to help by presenting a guide giving you an idea of the points which you must keep in mind before you choose a particular geyser for your home.

Geysers are devices which use energy to heat up water for usage. Some of the best geyser store water after heating while others do not have water storage facility. There are two types of geysers available in the market. The first type runs on electricity and the second runs on gas. Choosing one of these two would depend upon the location on which these need to be installed. If geyser has to be installed in an area where there is a dearth of regular electricity supply then gas geyser need to be chosen on the other hand if electricity supply is not an issue then electric geysers are highly recommended on account of the safety risks which come with gas geysers.

Before buying, you must make some effort to compare geyser price of different models having similar features.

A geyser consists of components like thermostat, heating element and storage tank. The thermostat is responsible for regulating the heating process for the water. The heating element forms the core and is responsible for heating the water. The storage tank stores the heated water.

One must always go for buying a branded geyser since it is a delicate device and malfunctioning of components may entail disastrous consequences. Also an unbranded geyser will lack in its performance and will consume much more power than it might claim for the quality of its components shall be highly disputable in the absence of a valid standardization label like the ISI mark. Thus, it is strongly recommended to choose a branded geyser even if its cost might be a bit on the higher side because it would ensure safety, will be power efficient and its specifications will match its performance for it will be certified by ISI mark. Moreover, branded geysers ensure easy availability of spare parts and thus low maintenance costs.

Instant water heaters and storage geysers have some fundamental differences which must be carefully considered before deciding which one to go for. Instant water heaters take up less space, are much more energy efficient since water is immediately used and does not have to be stored, provides hot water almost instantaneously and is more suited for washing utensils and hand washing while storage geysers take up more space, have a time delay before hot water is provided, consume slightly more energy and have a shorter life span as compared to the instant water heater. They are most suited for bathing.

Geyser capacity must be decided based upon usage. For example, for usage by 2-3 people for the purpose of bathing using bucket it is recommended to go for 25 liters geyser while for washing utensils the capacity goes down to 4-5 liters.

Another important factor to consider is wattage. If you desire faster heating and are not concerned with high power usage, choose a higher watt rated geyser. While if electricity consumption is an issue go for lower rated geyser.

To purchase the geyser of your specification and choice you can log on to flipkart, amazon, etc.