Sunday 11 April 2021
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Three Important Tips to Keep Your Family Members Safe when Using the Road as a Pedestrian

Three Important Tips to Keep Your Family Members Safe when Using the Road as a Pedestrian

Everyone uses the road, whether as a driver or a pedestrian. As a pedestrian, it is important to learn at least some basic rules when crossing the street such as obeying traffic signals, looking both ways and staying inside the crosswalk. But, technology and our busier lifestyle have resulted in more distractions that are making it more important for pedestrians to have a higher level of alertness. While you should call a pedestrian accident lawyer in case one of your family members got hit by a car on the road, it is best to prevent the accident from happening. Although drivers have the responsibility to look out for pedestrians and take control of distractions, the following reminders for pedestrians must be able to help your family stay safe when on the road by foot:

Avoid Texting

Pedestrians who use their smartphones are at risk of road accidents as they may veer off course. They might not be able to see what’s ahead of time. Texting while walking will impair their ability to make prompt responses to dangerous road situations. That is why tell your family members to put away their phone while walking, especially when they cross an intersection.

Ensure you are in the Safe Zone

While sidewalks are safe, a lot of areas don’t have them and staying out of the roadway is important for pedestrians. Every pedestrian must be mindful of the surroundings and look out for vehicle users who may not see them. They must not dart out across the street from between vehicles.

When walking with school-age kids, they should take a safe route or a path that has a well-maintained infrastructure, good light, designated walking lanes, and where speed limits are reduced. Traffic organizations and schools usually map out safe routes. The bottom line is that accidents take place when pedestrians jaywalk, cross in unsafe areas, or walk in undesignated places. It is not safe to assume the vehicle users will always stop so pedestrians must always be alert when using the road.

Keep Yourself Visible

The majority of pedestrian traffic fatalities take place in urban areas, at night, and in non-intersection locations. In case you need to walk at night, make sure you amplify your presence by wearing light-colored clothing, carrying a flashlight or using a reflective gear. Some drivers may be too careless at night and may not pay attention to pedestrians especially those wearing dark-colored clothes. To reduce your risk of road accidents while walking on the road, make yourself as visible as you can.