Sunday 11 April 2021
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Tips to Remember when Hiking with your Family in the Woods

Tips to Remember when Hiking with your Family in the Woods

Spring has finally arrived. You are seeing buds popping and daffodils blooming while the weather is warming up. Spring is the perfect time to take your family outdoors.  Consider this a way to clean their senses and bring some vitality into the body. Even spending a few hours outdoors can do wonders for the human body.

Hiking with your family in the woods is an invigorating activity, especially for kids who live in an urban environment. When you walk in the woods with your family, keep it light and easy. You can choose a short adventure and let everyone have fun. Allow the children to get a bit dirty. Ensure everyone wears clothes which let them romp around and play comfortably. Try to let go some of the usual parental trappings to ensure your kids enjoy and have the desire to explore the woods again. You can learn more outdoor activities to do with your children In Bromont at If you are planning to explore the woods with your children, the tips below can help you have a worthwhile experience:

Leave no Traces

Everyone in your family should respect the woods and the creatures living there. Do not leave any trash and avoid taking pieces of wood home. It is also important to stay on park service paths to ensure you don’t get lost.

Make sure to bring trash bags and rubber gloves and let everyone help in cleaning up the woods. This is one way to teach them how to be responsible for their own trash.

Prepare Activities

In case hiring with your family in the woods is not enough to have a satisfying experience or if you cannot lure everyone out of their usual routine, prepare some exciting activities such as:

  • Bird watching. Consider turning the walk into a birding quest. Bring along a bird book or a pair of binoculars. Monitor the bird everyone discovers and start a life list.
  • Picnic. The woods are a great place to have a family picnic. Take a break halfway through the walk and share food together under a beautiful tree. Ensure to pack special treats that your children will remember and associate with your adventure.
  • Spying. Let everyone examine the woods, plants, ground, and trees. Spring is when a good deal of growth takes place. Make finding signs of spring an exciting activity. Let your children look for buds on trees, new creatures, or sprouts that come up from the ground.