Monday 10 May 2021
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Ways to Afford Summer Camp

Ways to Afford Summer Camp

Though winter isn’t quite over now is the time that most summer programs start opening up registration. With schools closed and parents unable to take several weeks off of work, enrolling kids in summer camp is very popular. That means that slots will fill up quickly. The only problem is, that these programs can sometimes cost more than daycare. If you’re going to get your kids enrolled, you’ll need to find the funds.

Ask the School

There are some schools that have arrangements with summer camps where their students are allowed to enroll for free or at a discount. Now is the perfect time to contact your child’s counselor to find out which programs are being offered and how you can go about getting them signed up.

Check the Church or Community Center

There are a lot of free and affordable summer programs for children of all ages right in your own neighborhood. Contact local churches or community centers right away. Since these are often free, the slots will fill up even faster and many of them have a first come first serve policy. There are even some free and cheap options available on a national level that you could look into.

Borrow the Cash

If the price tag for a summer program that your kid wants to attend isn’t too high you could borrow the money. If you can get advance check cashing, you could get as much as $1250 deposited into your account within a business day to be used to pay for the camp. You can then break the loan balance up into small monthly payments and have it paid off before summer even starts!

Financial Aid

Some summer programs are aware that their prices are steep, but they want to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to participate in their program – despite their financial status. You can check with the camp administration to find out if they have financial aid available. Depending on how low your income is and your family size, you might be able to get all of your children into a summer program for free or at a discounted rate.

Pay in Installments

If a summer camp doesn’t have financial aid or those slots have already been filled they may have other options. Paying in installments would be one option. You would have to pay an initial deposit when you send in the application, then agree to pay smaller installments over the next few months or weeks.  Just make sure that you’re able to stick to the installment plan. You’d hate for your child to start camp and then have to stop going because you failed to make a payment.

There are so many benefits to summer camp for kids. It gives them time each day to learn, explore, and enjoy themselves all season long. Unfortunately, sending your children to camp can be hundreds of dollars per kid each week. If this isn’t something you can afford, it would be in your best interest to start looking for solutions such as those listed above to help you cover the costs.